Lately I have been reminded by several of the beauty of knowing when to keep my mouth shut.  The world seems to have grown more and more contentious.  We lack the wisdom or do not take the time to process there are times when we are better off not responding.  Keeping our mouth shut would serve our cause best.

We live in a narcissistic world in  which we feel certain needs to hear our wisdom.  After all we are right about everything.  There is a human need to explain our position and enlighten those around us who seem to lack clarity about the situation.  If you do not agree with me, then you must be wrong.

Real wisdom comes when we realize our philosophies and ideas are not necessarily the truth for everyone.  We are not charged with educating mankind in the error of their thinking.  There is no need to argue with each and every person who does not follow our line of thinking.  It may be that our line of thinking does not line up with their truth--based upon their circumstances.  Arguing NEVER changes anyone's mind.

Recently I have been challenged to keep my mouth shut.  I have been silently admonished by others who have chosen the high road of silence.  When I have questioned a few others about choices they have made, they simply told me their choice without explanation or argument.  They have chosen to not defend their choice by not arguing the point.  Their choice was best for them, but they are acknowledging perhaps this is not the best choice for everyone.  Their acknowledgment came couched in not defending their stance.  I admire that greatly.

I am being challenged to know when to keep my mouth shut.  I am praying for the wisdom to know when I need to defend my thoughts and when to only give a yes or no.  When questioned, I need to tell the truth, but I do not necessarily need to defend my choices.  Keeping my mouth shut and forgoing the need to justify is the prudent choice at times.  The ability to discern when to keep my mouth shut speaks volumes.  Lord, give me the wisdom to know when silence is the best choice.

"Careful words make for a careful life;

carless talk may ruin everything."

Proverbs 13:3


Your comments keep my writing and often cause me to think. A written form of a hug or a pat on the back and an occasional slap into reality---I treasure them all!