We all know complainers.  NEVER satisfied---always complaining---never happy--always whining.  I have learned to run for the hills--duck behind a bush--develop a terrible cough when I spot one of them heading my way.  NO ONE wants to hear a litany of complaints!  

I am pretty certain most of us are guilty at some point of complaining.  Exactly what is a complaint?  Merriam-Webster gives this ~

expression of grief, pain, or dissatisfaction

THERE YOU GO---DISSATISFACTION.  We are not satisfied with the ways things are or what we have or  who is in charge or our station in life    ~ ~ ~

Malcontented comes to mind.

However you define it---none of us like listening to another's complaints.  

It really had not occurred to me that God also does not like hearing complaints until I read one of today's scriptures in my daily reading ~

"Now the people became like those 
who complain of adversity 
in the ears of the Lord;
and the Lord heard them and
His anger was kindled, 
and the fire of the Lord
burned around them
and consumed some at the outskirts of the camp."
Numbers 11:1

WHOA!  I would say at a minimum God does not like complainers.  To quote Pippa Gumball in the daily devotion- "I don't think God likes complaining.  This is quite a warning.  I'm going to be a little more careful in future!"

May we all pause and change our words of complaint to praises for blessings the next time we begin to lament our dissatisfaction.  Amen?  AMEN!


  1. I try so very hard to NOT complain about things, but to thank God for His blessings. I don't like being around complainers either, Lulu.

    1. It can be a struggle at times, Martha!

  2. No one wants to hear a litany of complaints ...... this is so true.


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