I recently published a post on "Putting On Your Best" HERE  Most of the comments on my blog are made on the link on Facebook.  This blog created plenty of conversation.  You could tell the age of the commenter by the side they took on dressing up.  I admitted I had fallen into line with the current trend of being very casual in my dress.  I also admitted my nostalgia for the past and those days of putting on your best in public.  My best was not Parisian couture, but was clean, well mended, shoes polished, hair & teeth brushed and freshly bathed.  Depending upon the destination, I might even have on white gloves and a little hat.  You had to live it to understand the charm.  I am not in the least offended by your personal preference for casual clothing.  I hope you also are not personally offended by my fond memories.

You have to admit these are pretty cute.

The recent Super Bowl half time show has drawn lots of controversary on social media.  Depending upon the decade you were born in, it is either the best show ever or caused you to run from the room in disgust.  I did not watch the Super Bowl (GASP) so I do not have an opinion.  The guns were drawn and shots were fired over opinions on this 30 minutes of prime time entertainment before the final whistle in the game.   Seriously, I could care less.  If you liked it, watch it---if you did not--there is a mute button on your remote or even better--there is a power button.  Express your opinion by watching or not, but it is not a life or death deal.

I do not even know who these people are.

Where am I going?  We all have the right to personal opinions.  Everyone does not have to agree with our opinion.  There is no reason to feel attacked if someone feels you are wrong.  You will not change anyone's opinion by attacking their intelligence.  An opinion is just that--an opinion.  Webster tells us an opinion is a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.  Why would you feel insulted, attacked, confronted or any other form of abuse because someone dares to not agree with your opinion?  

Am I wrong to say that social media has done us no favors when it comes to treating each other with respect?  Has it unleashed aggression and insult to anyone who dares to disagree?  We all resent Facebook policing our comments, but we also are unable to treat each other with respect and dignity.  No wonder I long for the good old days.  You might not like someone's beliefs or opinions, but you agreed to disagree.  I am showing my age again--miss those days of good manners.

"If possible, so far as it depends on you,
live peaceably with all."
Romans 12:18


  1. I, too, miss those days of good manners, Lulu, and I guess that reveals my age just as it does yours. Still, I do believe there are plenty of folks in the younger generations who really have and practice good manners. Unfortunately, there are too many voices on social media that can't stand it when someone disagrees with their opinions. I say, grow some and grow up!

    1. OR they could stay off SM!
      Blessings, My Friend!


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