There was a time in my life when April Fool's Day was carefully planned and greatly anticipated.  During a season (a long season) in my life, I loved playing jokes on people.  April 1 gave me license to fool someone to my heart's desire.  NOTHING like a good laugh---especially when I fooled someone.  Here's the deal--the reason why I have left those days behind ~the April Fool's Day joke was always at the expense of another.  I had a laugh but were they embarrassed, perturbed, insulted, indignant, angry?  I did not stop to consider the consequences--I was after a laugh.

Perhaps I finally matured enough to realize when we share a laugh--that is great joy; when only I laugh--that is not so funny.  SO be careful who you fool today and how you accomplish the end. 

NO ONE likes being called a fool even an April Fool.   I recently had a discussion with a friend about this.  In the heat of an argument, they were called a fool.  It has been months, and it still stings.  Why such a reaction to silly name calling?  I was curious enough to look up the definition of fool~

a silly or stupid person; a person who lacks judgement or sense

Okay , it makes sense that they were insulted.  I read one more explanation~

Calling someone a fool is similar to calling the person an idiot; it is an insult and would be considered offensive

Well now, we are getting to the root of the problem with the label FOOL!

OH, it gets better!  I then looked for what you call a person who fools others ~

Jester, Motley Fool, Buffoon, Clown, Goof, Goofball

Well now the shoe has been put on the other foot.

We are challenged when arguing (why would you argue?) to do so without calling names, without using insults, without personal attacks, without getting off subject.  In the real world of debate, you would immediately be the loser when you used any of these tactics. 

God considers this an important topic and addresses it in His Word ~

"But I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother

will be liable to judgement;

whoever insults his brother

will be liable to the council;

and whoever say,

'You fool!'

will be liable to the hell of fire."

Matthew 5:22

WHOA!  That pretty much sums that it up---

We ALL love to laugh---but PLEASE---laugh with others--do not laugh at them.

Finally I can not leave the subject without addressing those who have suffered the insult and injury of being called names.  God addresses you too in His Word~

"For if you forgive others their trespasses,

your Heavenly Father will also forgive you."

Matthew 6:14

Happy April Fool's Day---may we ALL laugh together!

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  1. Amen, Lulu! Calling people names is simply a display of disrespect, and always seems to occur when we are losing a debate or argument. Not pleasant to either party involved. We should always laugh with someone, not at them.
    Blessings for a healthy April Fool's Day!


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