I have a pattern of moving every 2-4 years in the last decade +.  When we discover a new pattern or when repeating an old pattern, we need to ask ourselves the question, 

I have already done the processing on this, and understand my Why?.  Lately, out of the blue, I have been once again thinking of moving.  Understanding the reason does not necessarily take the urge away.  I have been in the same house for 4 1/2 years.

SO--why do I keep moving?  I am looking for home.  I am certain I have written about this before, but stay with me--there is a new point.  After much soul searching, it finally dawned on me I was looking for the feeling wrapped up in the home where I raised my children.  The two places I will forever call home are the house I grew up in and the house where my children grew up.  It finally clicked that I was looking for a "feeling" which a mere building could not replicate.  The wonderful memories of my childhood (I assure you not all memories are wonderful) and my offspring's childhoods have created a feeling of cherished nostalgia which is irreplaceable.  

Home is not in the shell of a house--home is created by life lived within that shell.  I really love the current shell I reside in.  As Baby Bear says, "It is JUST RIGHT!"  I love my neighbors---I love the location---I feel safe and secure.  OH--there are certainly things I wish were different, but not enough to go through the nightmare of remodeling or moving.  This shell will do fine--until I can no longer find my way home without a trail of crumbs or my body gives out.

As I processed this, it occurred to me our bodies are also shells.  The shell where our heart and soul reside.  That would explain the longing I sometimes feel for Heaven.  This world is not our home- it is only temporary.  Eternity will be played out in our true eternal home.  Until that time, I will live each day to the fullest, cherish the joy of creation, and bloom where I am planted.  That eternal home is coming--but I thank God for my temporary home.

"For we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed,

we have a building from God,

and eternal house in heaven,

not built by human hands."

II Corinthians 5:1


  1. What a great perspective, Lulu. Our "shells" on earth are temporal, but our true home is the eternal one.

    1. So thankful for the hope of tomorrow, Martha!


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