Can you hear me moaning and groaning over here?

I am working on my semi-annual attitude adjustment over time change.  

I KNOW the Why?  I was alive (older than dirt over here) when they made that first change.  My question is WHY? are we still making the change?  (Remember I am writing this two weeks ago)  The time change was this past weekend.  My body is NOT happy.  The good thing is now I am not waking up at 5:00 AM or before ---the bad thing is I am going to bed much later.  Remember when I told you I was reading The Body Keeps The Score?  (That book explains my current aches and pains and crazies).  Well, in the short term, my body does NOT like this nonsense.  It has occurred to me, I am retired, get rid of the clocks.  BUT my OCD NEEDS to know the time--at all times.  The grands were here for a few days at the beginning of their Spring Break this past weekend when the time changed.  Their mother & I discussed we were certain some school administrator thought the kids would have a week to get used to the new time and not go into shock when they lost that hour of sleep.  The truth of the matter is--they stay up later and sleep later during school breaks.  This does not bode well for that first Monday back at it!

Back to ME!  I do not like change---I like for things to operate in an expected order and only go with the flow when I know the direction, time, and destination of the flow.  UPTIGHT  is a fair description of me---I do not fly by the seat of my pants; trust Loosey Goosey; play by ear; do it off the top of my head or any other idiom indicating lack of planning and direction.  There is nothing as dear as a well executed plan in my book.  WHY? do we keep messing around with the time???  

As I grumbled and griped in my head, it occurred to me this is a mini version of life.  FIRST WORLD PROBLEM! 

A GREAT Example of a First World Problem!

At times we have changes in our lives, we might think they are unexpected, but are they ever COMPLETELY unexpected?  (Think that over today)  Our success in living this life well is found in our capability of adapting to the changes we will experience.  YES, the time has changed---get over it, Lulu!  There are still 24 hours in every day, nothing has changed but the number on the clock by one.  It is just like much in life--if you don't like it stick around--it will change again.  SO, I am praying I can sweetly (that might be overkill) accept this time change and move forward.  The REALLY BIG & IMPORTANT THINGS ~ they have not changed.  The Truths are the same---the only thing that needs changing (beyond the clocks) is my attitude.

"Do not be conformed to this world,

but be transformed by the renewal of your mind"

Romans 12:2


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  1. Yes, I sure hear you on this one, Lulu! I'm still trying to adjust to the "loss" of an hour, and at this point, I'm not sure I will. At least the Congress is proposing to do away with time changes altogether. Maybe, it's the one thing both parties can agree on.


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