Occasionally I get a wild hair and decide to do some project that others might shake their head over.  My projects are ALWAYS BIG projects.  I am not really a small project girl.  SO-I happened to really look at my floor one morning and decided to clean the grout--you know the stuff that is between the tiles in the floor.  The top of the floor is easy to keep clean with my faithful steamer.  Those cracks are lower than the tile and as the dirt seeps into the crack and they slowly become dirt filled. Because the tile is higher than the grout,  the steamer does not really get down into those cracks.  I did my research for the best cleaner and got busy when it arrived at the door.  I have been on my hands and knees a few hours everyday getting ALL those cracks clean.  There IS a certain satisfaction when I see how much cleaner the floor is.  I work on a small section at a time, so it is very evident what is clean and what is dirty.

Here in North Louisiana under the topsoil is clay.  Clay is NOT my friend--unless someone is making pottery with it.  As clay absorbs water it expands and then with drought it contracts.  This is NOT good for house foundations, nor any manmade surface material.  Cracks begin to form from all this subterranean activity over time.  Walk around the hood which is between 10 - 15 years old and you will notice cracks which have formed in the driveways.  If you do not fill in those cracks, the water will do a number causing them to become larger.  Freezing ice on concrete surfaces and summer heat exacerbate the problem.  Soon you could have the Grand Canyon of driveway cracks.  That is NOT good for you car!

If you are on the road much, you probably will suffer this at some point ~

It does not take a huge rock to put a chip in your windshield when traveling down the interstate at 75 MPH (that would be TX law).  Over the years of traveling back and forth I have had several of these dings fixed.  If you do not have it filled before the crack begins to spread, you are going to need a new windshield.  You cannot get an inspection sticker in LA if you have an eyelevel crack that might impair your vision.

As I thought over cracks, it would seem that cracks are always bad news.  Not necessarily.  When you drive on the highways, you will notice lines in the road.  Those are expansion cracks to allow the road to expand and contract with weather conditions.  When you hear the crack of a bat, someone has hit the ball.  The crack of dawn is one of my favorite times of the day.  It signifies a fresh start with a clean slate.  When I sense a crack in a story, it is a warning that perhaps I am not being told the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  The cracks in my skin beside my eyes--also know as crow's feet (because of their shape) denotes I have laughed and smiled a great deal in life.  On and on-cracks can be good.

Where am I going?  As with all things in life---cracks can be good or bad.  You have heard heard the expression, "Not all  it's cracked up to be", but that can work both ways.  Cracks are things or signs--objects without a soul.   It can be a warning, it can be a sign of good things, it can need repair, it can be a depository for dirt, it can be a good sign and also a bad sign.  It is a sign--that we need to observe and decide what course of action might be needed.  Creation does not rule man (although I am hesitant to fool with Mother Nature--she can be vengeful), but instead man is to rule over God's creation.  We are charged with its care.  When we spot problems, we need to fill in the cracks, clean up the mess, treat our environment with kindness, be a good shepherd of the huge blessing surrounding us, and take tender care of our relationships.   God has been abundantly generous by giving us this world to live in.  If you spot a crack, whether physical or perceived---decide if it is good or bad and then act appropriately.  Don't allow your blessings to "Fall between the cracks."

"The heavens are the Lord's heavens,

but the earth He has given to the children of man."

Psalm 115:16


  1. I've never even thought about good and bad cracks, Lulu, so this was an eye-opener for me. Yes, let us take good care of this earth God has given us.

    1. It takes a crack pot to look at things this way, Martha! LOL!


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