Most of us have played the tickle game.  We either have been "it" or we have been the "tickler".  My daddy played it with me and I have played it with my own children.  These days I play it with the grands.  It involves tickling someone to the point they are yelling "Calf Rope".  For some reason we love to be tickled--but that tickling can eventually lead to "too much".  Hysterical laughing is one step from hysterical crying.  It is amazing how close those two reactions are.  One minute you are laughing and the next you are crying OR you could experience it in the reverse.  Too much of what we believe is a good thing and we have begged for (my grands -every time I am with them declare "Tickle me!") can sometimes lead to tears from the agony of too much.

We all can also have our ears tickled.  This happens when someone is speaking a "convenient truth".  A convenient truth is a new psychological term I came up with to describe words that correspond to what we desire to believe.  It is NOT necessarily the truth---it is what we want to "think" is the truth.  I am looking for someone who preaches you do not need to exercise, eat right and all those other things which lead to a high better life.  You can just sit on the couch eating bon bons staring at the television and have the best life possible.  I might find that person to tell me that untruth, but the truth will eventually show its head when I am no longer able to get off the couch, put an intelligent sentence together, or even think about eating the junk I so love.  Those tickling words will come home to roost at some point.

Our small group was recently discussing "False Teachers".  We are, of course, talking about teachers of God's Word.  There ARE false teachers out there.  The Word warns us about them. (If it is important enough to be in The Word--it IS important)   We have to determine if we are having the truth told to us as we want it to be or the truth which God has given us.  The plum line--the ultimate test is always--

"Does it line up with God's Word?"

That, My Friend, is going to take some study on your own part.  Many times if it sounds too good to be true---it is too good to be true.  Do not take every teacher for "Gospel" until you have examined what they are tickling your ears with and comparing it to what God says in the Instruction Manual.

YES--tickling is fun--but too much tickling can lead to pain and tears.  Be careful who you are allowing to do the tickling!

"16 This is what the LORD Almighty says: 

“Do not listen to what the prophets are prophesying to you;

 they fill you with false hopes.

 They speak visions from their own minds,

 not from the mouth of the LORD."

Jeremiah 23:16


  1. Another fantastic analogy, Lulu! When in doubt, we do need to go straight to the Source - God's Word - to decide if we are hearing the Truth, or just what we want to hear.

    1. I think we are all prone to enjoying our ears being tickled, Martha. Dangerous ground!


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