Today's love is for you pet owners, especially if your pet sheds.  I had white dog hairs on everything I owned.  Hero can shed like a "Big Dog".  It was so annoying having to brush those hairs away on my way out the door.  It also was self defeating since Hero takes a ride in the car everyday and it has white dog hair in it also.  I finally found these ~

YES--they really help!  I am no longer covered with white dog hair. ( You would not believe how those little hairs like to cling to my black yoga pants!)  The local stores do not always carry these, so I order them from Amazon.  Since I only use them with drying the clothes I wear, a box lasts a LONG time.  Highly recommend them!  You can find them HERE

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  1. Good to know these actually work. Have a great weekend, Lulu!

    1. Desperate times require trying whatever may help!


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