Do you sometimes find yourself making two steps forward and one back?  The good news is you are still making headway--even when you backslide occasionally.

Backsliding may be probable, but the true test comes with avoiding a free fall back to where you started from.  Reaching out for a hand hold or getting a good grip on something to stop the backwards motion.

God has been teaching me over the past few months the consequences of gossip.  I have been the subject of gossip before and understand how painful it can be.  I am really working on NOT telling anyone's story but my own.  Distinguishing between news and gossip can be walking a tight rope.  I might tell you of a mutual acquaintance who has had an accident or become sick.  This is news with no intent for harm.  Hopefully you can take that news and at a minimum be a pray warrior for the one I am reporting on.  It slips over into gossip when I begin telling more than the facts.  When I am giving personal reflection of the facts.  That crosses the boundary into gossip.  THAT does no one any good and can lead to words which might cause harm.

Recently I found myself in a situation where I easily slipped back into the mode of gossip.  It began with reporting the facts, but I slowly began giving my analysis of the facts.  WRONG!  I walked away convicted and had to ask forgiveness for my embellishment.  What causes us to cross that line?  Perhaps we like to be "in the know".  Perhaps we like to have the attention of our audience.  Perhaps it gives us a sense of importance.  The reason does not matter--all that matters is that I become aware of what I have done and am working to correct it.  That would be repentance.  Asking forgiveness and THEN TURNING from my sin.  "Go and sin no more."    Grabbing onto God as our handhold and allowing Him to pull us forward is the answer.  Backsliding is probable in the fallen world--the true test comes whether we stop our downward slide or grab hold, stop the fall, and begin the forward trek again.  

"Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation

The spirit is willing,

 but the flesh is weak."

Matthew 26:41



  1. This is true salvation, to be awake and aware and most importantly, to be obedient when God whispers these little truths. Thank you for the encouragement this morning!

    1. We all struggle for we were born with feet of clay. God is patient and Grace is His name. So Thankful! I looked at your profile. You are my newest hero! What a wonderful family!

  2. Ages ago, when I gossiped about a good friend, I saw how much it hurt and vowed to stop gossiping then and there. I've been tempted at times to backslide, but then I remember the damage I did and ask God to keep me on the straight and narrow.
    Blessings, Lulu!


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