Have you ever lived in the Land of What If's?  What if the world goes to war?  What if I make the wrong choice?  What if the tests show a terminal illness?  What if the housing market bubble burst?  What if fill in the blank_____?  Our mind can become flooded with scenarios when we start down the road of What If?  I have been there several times.  With every threat of life changing illness, with every whisper of shortages, with every hint of change in finances, with a worldwide pandemic,  I can become mired down in the mud of What If?


It is NO secret that I do not like surprises and always like to have a plan.  Each and every time I have had a "What if?" bring me to a screeching halt, I have gone into overdrive trying to make certain I have all my ducks in a row.  You can loose sleep and almost go nuts over trying to think of all the contingencies.  In my silly head I think you can prepare for all contingencies.  WHAT ALTERNATIVE WORLD DO I LIVE IN?  

We all know someone who has lived through a What If? and some of us also have lived that journey.  No matter what the outcome, the road leading up to "What if?" was invariably as bad and sometimes worse than the actual occurrence of the dreaded.  For some foolish reason, we get it into our heads that we can control life.  That is laughable at a minimum.  We have about as much control as the ability to count our chickens before they hatch.  The resulting worry and anticipation from living in the land of What if? is often a waste of valuable time.  We are told in The Word to not worry, but our feet of clay convince us we can plan our way out of the occurrence of a What if?  We can NEVER be prepared for all the What if? scenarios of the world.  What we can do is rest assured that not ONE THING happens that God is not aware is going to occur.  All things can and will be used for His Good Purpose.  HE WILL NEVER FORSAKE US---through thick and thin He is with us.

NOW--I admit, from personal experience, it is difficult to not go down the Road to What If?  I will say each and every time I have gone down that road and always found Jesus by my side, it has become easier and easier to give up control or lack thereof and be at peace with Him.  Most of us will endure a "What if?", but we are not going to endure it alone by any stretch of the imagination.  HE will sustain us---He will comfort us---He will give us strength and endurance---He will give us peace.  AMEN!

"The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed,

a refuge in times of trouble.

And those who know Your name will put their trust in You,

for You, Lord,

have not forsaken those who seek you."

Psalm 9:9


  1. Why waste our precious time on pondering the what ifs? God is in control and has told us not to worry, but to pray instead.
    Blessings, Lulu!

    1. I agree, but my human nature occasionally strays down that "What If" road! Working on it!

  2. I have been doing lots of What If’s since my health is giving me fits. And What If when my husband is having trouble. It hard to stop and give it to the Lord.


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