This book I have read twice.  It is the book club selection for this month.  I have told you before with enough time, I do not remember the details of what I have read for pleasure.  I remember the basic facts of the story, but to discuss details I have to reread.  I found it interesting that I liked the book more the second time around.  This is the basis for a blog next week.  The story of the early settling of Australia by shiploads of convicts courtesy of the British Empire I was intrigued by all the subjects covered by the book.  The development of women's rights, the history of shipping undesirables far way, the harshness of the penal system, the tragedy of the systems for orphans, and the streak of good find in almost all of us are only a few of the subjects broached in this historical fiction novel.  A good read---and even better the second time.

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  1. There are few books that I will read again - they have to be true gems! Thanks for the recommendation, Lulu. :)


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