Recently we have had a visitor in the hood.  We are surrounded by woods, so we never know what may show up.  This visitor came from an adjacent street near the hood.  It turns out it is mating season (watch out!) and the males are out scouring the area for the females.  This beauty showed up ~


and stuck around for a few days before moving on.  We all know what beauties peacocks can be and they know it too.  The strut around displaying their magnificence for all to admire.

If you were not raised in the country, you might not realize these creatures are NOT always friendly.  Down right testy would be more like it.  A friend whose dad was a veterinarian told me one of her dad's clients used them as watch dogs.  If you have ever had one get after you, you understand.

One day as The Wonder Dog and I took our early morning walk, the visitor was perched on one of the neighbors houses where he had roosted for the night.  Sort of a live roof ornament.  Here is another thing you may not realize, these beautiful birds have the most gosh awful screech you have ever heard in your life. You can hear that screech for a LONG way!   As I walked by the neighbors house, he let out a screech and I almost jumped out of my skin.  Why even cool Hero stopped in his tracks.  HOW could something so beautiful make such a horrible noise?  It's all about attracting the females.  I could say plenty about this tactic of attraction, but will leave it here.  I will say between the strutting and screeching, you definitely notice these creatures.  My only observation about the bird itself is ~

When you observe Mother Nature, so often we see the same characteristics reflected in mankind.  Do you know someone who might fit this peacock image?  Are you attracted until they open their mouth?  We are so much more than our outer appearance, as the peacock so clearly illustrates.  Humble would NOT be my first thought.

"For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled,

and those who humble themselves will be exalted."

Luke 14:11


  1. You are so spot on here, Lulu, how outward appearances can be so deceiving. Yes, I've heard that raucous cry of the peacock, and wish I hadn't! I also have known people that might have been peacocks in their previous life - lol!

    1. We think along the same lines, Martha!

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