We are enduring our annual season of storms and possibly even tornadoes rolling through our area.  Being 300 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, we live well within the reach of the moist Gulf Stream.  A front will come racing in from the west or northwest and hit the moisture filled warm atmosphere here and the resulting clash can put on quite the meteorological show.  It comes with the change of seasons (or Mother Nature's whim).  Winter is trying to keep a grip on us and summer is insisting upon reigning over our forecast.  They are both asserting their power.

I am a bird lover and spend many an hour watching the birds in the hood.  If you feed them, they will come!  As I slowly walk the Wonder Dog around the hood, I am highly entertained by  the persistent worm hunting of the robins, the reminder of loved ones gone on, by the cardinals, and even the mimic in song of the mockingbird who all  are our consistent dwellers.  The seasonal dwellers fill in the gaps of my ornithology study.  I have noticed there is a lot of squabbling over territory rights among the birds.  As I walked this morning I watched two of the beautiful cardinals fighting  as only birds can by swooping and diving at each other.  The summer swallows remind me of fighter jets as they dart at each other and do a remarkable reenactment of a WW II dog fight.  The fight is usually over the power that comes with control of a territory including the females within it.

We have all read about corporate take overs of smaller companies.  There are companies that their only business is "corporate raiding" for the sole purpose of wealth accumulation.   That can be a dog eat dog fight for the control over another --empire building.  Nations have also been empire builders.  Great Britain, USA, China, and France immediately come to mind.  History is filled with conquests and those more powerful ruling over the lesser.  There seems to be a built in propensity in the world to conquer and control with overwhelming power.  The little one (man-company-nation-birds-animals---) seem to be destined for someone to look to conquer them.  Someone who wants to assert their power.

We are seeing a great example on the daily news of this very scenario with the war in Ukraine.  Read about it---Russia wants the ports, resources, and in fact all that Ukraine has to offer to be under their power.  It is always about power.

We have fooled ourselves here in the US that the entire world is with us on the side of this fight.  Everyone loves the US--RIGHT?   WRONG!  I read an article today about those who abstained from the UN vote on Russia's invasion.  The majority of the populations represented in the vote abstained.  We are NOT always seen as the White Knight.  Many times for good reasons.  AND then there are those powers who are trying to position themselves as peacemakers--ALL for the purpose of grabbing power.  It is an eternal game!

Surely God is laughing on His throne on high.  We ALL know who has ultimate power and authority---and it is NOT man.  And yet we live with the false assumption that he who has the most wins.  NO!  God has a plan--God knows where all this is headed.  He and He Alone has all power and authority on earth and in Heaven.  How peaceful and wonderful the world could be if only---

"In the beginning was the Word,

and the Word was with God,

and the Word was God."

John 1:1


  1. Men so quickly forget Who is truly in charge, Lulu. Loved your analogy here using the birds as an example of protecting one's desired territory.
    Praying the war ends soon and in Ukraine's favor.

  2. ALL for the purpose of grabbing power. It is an eternal game....... Very true.


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