I see by the calendar the long weekend of celebrating the Independence of our Great Nation is upon us.  How often do we stop and really consider the reason behind a holiday?  Most of us get so wrapped up in the celebration, we forget the reason for it.  As Roosevelt so eloquently coined the phrase, "a day which will live in infamy" when referring to the bombing of Pearl Harbor,  July 4, 1776, is another day that will live in infamy in the history of our country.

Many of us enjoy activities on this day which have become rituals.  A day on the lake, at the beach or the pool anything with a water theme in the depths of the heat of summer.  Others have family reunions when a long holiday weekend provides the opportunity for gathering.  Some take trips, some play games, some just sit and chill.  We all have an idea of what we want this holiday to look like.

AND of course, there is the traditional cook out.  Grilling, smoking, barbequing--whatever your favorite brand of creating a flame to cook the meat.  Some enjoy a fish fry, and some like to frequent their favorite restaurant.  We all seem to think all holidays revolve around enjoying our favorite culinary treats.

 No Fourth would be complete without the annual fireworks display.  I have seen many over the decades-from the home grown variety of trying to blow up the hood to the grand spectacle of explosions over the river or lake.  It is a sure fire way to blow up several hundred dollars in a very short period of time.

Whatever your holiday plans, I pray you will stop and thank God for this great nation.  Remember those men and women who have made this celebration possible.  AND especially pause and reflect that even in the midst of our differences, we have the common love of our great country.





  1. God bless America, indeed, Lulu! May we celebrate our freedoms, and give thanks to those who protect them, past and present. Hope you have a wonderful Fourth!

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