Go Back to the first summer session post and you will discover the theme for most of us in Louisiana in the hot summer time.  Cool-Clean--WATER


That brought back this memory of a song from LONG ago.  You are very welcome for getting that melody stuck in your head.  We spend a great deal of time here in the sweltering South trying to stay cool.  We talked about that in that first post.  Some of the sure fire remedies involved water.  Pools, Beaches, Lakes,  Splash Pads, Water Parks, Wading Pools, Running Through Sprinklers, Slip and Slides and one of my favorites that deep creek with swing hanging from a tall tree.  One of the water treats young, old and in between can enjoy is the summer storm.  

Living 300 miles from the Gulf, the summer air currents often bring us a pop up storm as the water vapor builds in the atmosphere.  OH, how I love to sit and watch these storms roll in--night or day-makes no difference.  The kids enjoy running and playing in the rain and puddles--as long as there is no lightning involved.

Those storms can roll in quickly and dissipate even quicker.  You never know if it will be ten drops of rain or an all day deluge, but we are usually thankful for the water.  Nothing waters the yards, trees, bushes, and other greenery like a nice shower.  A slow steady rain, which usually comes with a low, makes for a great time to read and perhaps take a short nap. 

After the rain has faded into the horizon, we are left with one of two things- a slight cooling of temperature or the makings of a regional sauna.  You must experience 90 degree temperatures with 90 % humidity to really understand how hot it is.  You walk out your door and immediately break out in a sweat.  The air is literally heavy feeling--if you are exercising you cannot get a good breath.   The air conditioners are straining to keep us cool as we hunker down in hopes of staying cool.  It is a tall task--well into October.

OH, But then there is always the promise of the shower from the heavens.  The cooling effect---even if short lived--of the cloud given shade and the cool of the rain.  A reprieve from the oppressiveness we live with.

Life can be oppressive--sometimes for long stretches.  One of the sure fire remedies is the quiet still times in the presence of God.  The assurance of His presence---even when the discomfort of stresses weigh us down.  There is the promise of His grace raining down upon us.  Gentle--Tender Grace.

8 “You heavens above, rain down my righteousness;

 let the clouds shower it down.

 Let the earth open wide,

 let salvation spring up,

 let righteousness flourish with it;

 I, the LORD, have created it."

Isaiah 45:8

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  1. I sure can identify with those hot and humid days of summer, Lulu. Not my favorite in the least, but how I treasure the showers that are produced. And may we all be watered by God's grace.


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