Summer time is the nocturnal lovers favorite season.  SO MANY things have to wait for the cool of the night after long days of sun baked misery.  We all know others who love the deep dark of the night.  They get a burst of energy about the time I go to bed.  How many times have I received a text or email written post midnight?  My nighttime communication, if there is any, will be sent out on the airwaves in the very early pre daylight hours.  If you think about this, we are all made different so someone can always be on prayer watch.

There were things we can do after the deep dark of nighttime has finally fallen upon us.  We have already talked about chasing lightning bugs, but I have a distinct memory of a couple of others activities enjoyed in the prime of my youth.  We occasionally went "frog gigging".  For those who are not from the deep South, this would be hunting for those BIG frogs which are known for their frog legs.

We will deep fat fry ANYTHING  here in the South.  It's the classic--it tastes like chicken-dish.  NOW---in my defense, we caught many a frog, but I never removed their legs to fry.  It was more of a summer time tradition.  The one thing about this activity is snakes also like to be slithering around at night in the same places you hunt for the frogs.  

Another vivid memory of summer nights is going fox hunting with Granddaddy.  Unlike the fox hunts you see in England, these fox were hunted at night and expressly for the pleasure of listening to the hounds.  Granddaddy could tell you when they were following a varmint that wasn't a fox, which hound was in front, approximately where they were, when they had treed the fox---on and on.  He was an proverbial fountain of fox hounds and hunting information.  Many a long hot summer night we sat and listened for the hounds to begin the chase.  It was an innocent time--a time of enjoying each other's company--and to be singled out to go along with the adults and stay up late was the crowning achievement.

And then there was the drive in movie.  OH, FRIENDS!  What a memory.  There are still a few around and if you have never had the pleasure---PLEASE give it a try.  I have loads of stories about the drive in theater---what a fun night that was.  AND it could not be enjoyed until the last glimmer of daylight fell victim to the night sky.  

What a gift and blessing our memories can be.  As I have revisited many of my sweet memories from the past, may I also be mindful and remember God's faithful presence, provision, and patience with me.  Our memories are a remembrance of who we are, where we have been, and how we got were we are.  May we call to mind the memories of all God has done for us as we pause and reflect.  

"Remember your history,
your long and rich history."
Isaiah 46:9 MSG

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  1. Such wonderfully vivid memories, Lulu! Like you, I'm so glad to know that God is in our past, present and future moments.


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