It has been ONE MORE HOT summer here in the deep South.  My poor yard and plants have suffered from the extreme heat and lack of rainfall.  I have a sprinkler system, but nothing waters your yard like a shower from Heaven.  We come to expect this every year, but this year has been particularly punishing.  No rain--heat warnings day after day---it's been a corker!

While the plants I bought $$ are struggling to survive, the weeds are producing a great crop.  It requires almost daily pulling to keep them at bay.  They come up first every year, grow most prolific without much water and in spite of the sun and cling tightly to their place when yanked upon.  The first things I see when I look at my flower beds are those pesky weeds.  My eyes drift right over the beautiful blooms and plants and zoom in on the unwanted weeds.  Interesting!

What is it about us that we look past the grandeur, beauty, and blessings all around us and instead focus on the mistakes, unwanted, ugly, invasive undesired?  We intently gaze upon that which we do not consider desirable and forget to gaze upon all the wonder before our eyes.  

As I reflected upon this, I wondered if I do the same thing when looking back over the garden of my life.  Do I focus on the weedy and ugly or do I instead remember the plants that have bloomed and created great beauty?  Take a moment and reflect, Friends.  When you are remembering--what memories come to the surface?

"Always giving thanks to God the Father for everything,

in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ."

Ephesians 5:20


  1. It's a sad commentary, Lulu, but I find myself too often focusing on the negative things as I look back. Need to change that perspective!


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