It has been a DRY summer here in Louisiana.  I must admit our droughts are nothing to compare to what is happening in the Western portion of our great nation.  I see the news and am so alarmed by the extreme drought they are and have been enduring.  There have even been cities which have banned grass lawns.  There is NOT enough water to sustain vegetation and in some cases the water needed to sustain our very lives is being threatened.

Lake Mead is a prime example.  At the lowest historic point EVER, there is reason for concern it could become a dead pool.  The communities which rely upon it for their water needs would be scrambling for another source of life giving water.

We cannot survive without water.   I saw a movie once about aliens invading our world because they needed our resources.  Will we someday be fighting over the sacred resource of water?  I definitely remember movies from my childhood about ranch owners damming water sources to keep it for themselves and not sharing with their neighbors.

The problem always begins when we are unwilling to share--whatever we may consider precious.  Water is certainly a valuable resource.  We cannot sustain life without water.  I am praying we begin now to work on ways for all of us to have water.  I watched a documentary recently about ships converting sea water for human use.  Since the ice caps are melting, perhaps this is a way to use the water which we expect to raise sea levels world wide.  I foresee water becoming an expensive necessity in the future.

The Word often refers to water. In fact water is mentioned over 700 times in scripture.   Living Water is such a poignant phrase which captures the necessity of having water to live.  We do not want to use dead pools for our water supply, but instead sources which are living and vibrant.  The descriptive term living water exactly describes the need for us to consume water which is not dead and stagnant, but life giving --life sustaining water.  The water from God's deep well of living water.

"But whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst.

Indeed, the water I give them will become in them

a spring of water welling up to eternal life."

John 4:14


  1. Yes, this certainly has been a summer of drought, Lulu. Praying that God sees fit to end it soon and pour His life-giving water over a thirsty earth.

  2. First, an AMEN to Martha's prayer! And then, my eyes widened to realize the Bible mentions water over 700 times! I wonder how many of those offer a worthwhile lesson?! The living water of John 4 is certainly a good place to start!


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