Do you remember Whippersnapper from my first few months the first round of living in Fort Worth?  If you have only recently joined us in my opining, I will give us all a short refresher.    The first time around in Fort Worth, while looking for a house, I lived in a house which was divided into two apartments.  I was lucky enough to be on the second floor.  Now top floor living has its benefits--no noise above you--BUT the tenant below worked the night shift as a line foreman at Lockheed.  THAT was great on the nights he was at work--BUT the nights he was home he  was "courting".  One particular night which is forever etched in my memory--he and his latest Heart's Desire were on the front porch--which was directly below my bedroom arguing over their relationship.  I am a VERY light sleeper and even with windows closed the sound traveled upstairs.  I suppose there was no insulation between the porch ceiling and bedroom flooring--it was an old house.  Before the night was over I was ready to give them some advice-----'Give it a rest!"  

I quite frequently wrote about Whippersnapper during those months.  As with most men, he did not understand the purpose of a door knob and slammed lots of doors.  That and a few other annoying male habits (I am certain some women are guilty as well) made me most eager to find a house.    I can thank Whippersnapper for a great deal of writing inspiration.

Fast forward ten years and I am back in an apartment on the second floor.  This time there is someone above me on the third floor.  Fortunately we seem to have very similar schedules so the noise has not been a factor.  Below me is a garage--as you will see in the above photo.  There are many buildings in this apartment community with over 700 apartments.  If I walk the streets with the Wonder Dog it is about a mile.  I was very careful in selecting the spot to live and I thought I had covered all the bases.  Most of the residents are young professionals who leave for work early, but there is a contingent of university students who are definitely night owls.  Recently Hero had some stomach issues which caused the need to take him out several times one night.  There is a constant stream of traffic in and out--all hours of the night and day.  Fortunately being on the edge of the property, I do not hear any of it.  

Just across from my apartment is the overflow parking lot since only one garage is provided per apartment.  There are a number of couples in the building so one car is relegated to the overflow parking.    One of the residents who always parks in this lot leaves at 5:45 every morning.  You might wonder how I could possibly know when he leaves.  He does not seem to have a muffler---or for some other unknown mechanical reason his car is EXTREMELY loud.  This is not a problem for me since I am always awake, BUT most of these young people are still out for the count.  They seem to be gifted when it comes to getting ready for work in the morning and can be out the door in a flash.  The lights usually do not appear in windows until 6:30 at the earliest.  This means ALL of them are being awakened by the LOUD car.  Let me explain---it is SO LOUD it frequently sets off the car alarm of any car parked by it.  SO  then we have the little car that is the loudest car EVER AND the beeping of the car horn alarm.  I'm sorry, but I laugh out loud almost every time.  I can just imagine what is being said in the two adjacent buildings.  I am wondering how long it will take before retaliatory measures are taken.  Further proof that history indeed repeats itself- Whippersnapper 2 lives in the building.  Wars are started with less provocation.  

A little light reading for today, but there is an important point.  Once again Israel is involved in a war.  History has repeated itself.  I am praying for peace to reign in the region and for God's chosen people once again be granted protection.

"Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:"

Psalms 122:6


  1. Praying non-stop for Israel and God's peace that passes all understanding. Great post, Lulu!

    1. Martha, it is not news to God & He already knows how this will play out, BUT he desires for us to pray.


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