I will NEVER forget my face to face encounter with the grizzly bear on the narrow trail going up the mountain at Glacier National Park.  I am not sure what was worse---face to face or knowing he was right behind us  following us back down that trail.

Grizzlies are predators and if you ever get close enough you will understand the damage they can do.  This one definitely backed our hiking group down the mountain.  

This is NOT a post about grizzly bears, but instead the things we allow to become bears in our lives.  They follow us around, sneak up on us when we are not expecting it (I can promise you we did not head up that mountain looking for grizzlies), and cause us fear and anxiety when we are suddenly surprised.  Bears which psychologist classify as the 6 basic fears are the predators of which I speak.  

Fear of poverty (How will we meet our basic needs-clothing, shelter, but especially food, I NEED FOOD!)
Fear of Criticism (I sometimes talk big about not caring---but we all care-why else mention it?)
Fear of ill health (I don't mind dying, but I prefer to not suffer in the process)
Fear of the loss of love of someone (Is this the worst one?)
Fear of old age (I'm in denial)
Fear of death (Even when we know---there are many unknowns which cause fear-the uncertainty of how it plays out and what is to come.)

Recently I have been battling one of these bears.  I spoke to a friend. a truth teller in my life,  about my concern and they assured me it was unfounded.  Our minds  love to take an unintended spark and create a wildfire.  The next thing we know we are obsessing over something which really is a figment of our wild imaginations.  We take something which was never intended toward us and allow it to become  a bear stalking us.  Here is what I have learned---

The bear which was plaguing me---is a fear I have allowed to grow into paranoia which is  side effect of narcissism.  The more I thought about it I am pretty certain our paranoia over what someone else thinks about us is a first cousin to narcissism.    NO I do not have a degree in counselling.  I am insightful enough to know that when I allow these thoughts to capture my mind---I have allowed it to become too much about me.   When the truth probably is--it has nothing to do with me.

God does not want us to live in a spirit of fear.  God wants us to be a servant and put others first.  If I get my priorities in order, the bear trying to sneak up on me will give up and go away.  If I do not allow myself to become a target---those fears will disappear.  His Word is filled with instructions about what we should do about fear.    Seek His Wisdom and obey.

" ' I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand
and say to you, Don't be afraid; 
I will help you. ' "
Isaiah 41:13


  1. So so true Loralu. I can cause a small spark to become a wildfire in seconds. I just stay in my head too much.

  2. Wow I want to hear more about the bear!
    That sounds very interesting!
    I have a friend who tends to “borrow” trouble and fear in her head. We all do!

    1. It is an OLD story--will see if I can locate that blog and repost. BUT since I have posted under several blog titles--it may take some "looking!.

  3. If only we would heed God's advice to not be afraid, the sooner those bears will quit stalking us, Lulu. That had to be a scary moment confronting that grizzly, my friend. Glad you lived to tell the tale!

    1. It was terrifying, but remarkably I keep my cool in BIG stresses such as that. It's the little things that sneak up on me!


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