I read this book several years ago-pre Lulu Card Catalog (2014).  What I do remember about this book---I considered it one of the best reads for that year.

You see it won the Pulitzer Prize--I had forgotten that--but realized it was a best seller.  You can find the book HERE  And yes, I am an Amazon Associate, and there is a possibility I might be rewarded if you buy the book from this link.  Here is the disclaimer

As an Amazon Associate, I may receive a small financial benefit when you make a purchase using the links on this site {at no extra cost to you!}

I am not holding my breath waiting for a check and frankly I am certain you could get this at you local library or borrow it from a friend.  

NOW the subject of the post is my recommendation of the Netflix mini-series of the same name.  Well done Netflix!  It is so difficult to find anything worthy of your time on television.  THIS is historical, and a good adaptation of a book to the screen.  We ALL KNOW the book is ALWAYS better, but I have been told some of you do not enjoy reading.  SO here you go---my latest recommendation.  Read the book first or just watch the series.  It was so good---I refused to binge watch it and enjoyed one a night for the four part series.   


  1. I have heard of this book, Lulu. I might just have to order it!


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