It is an interesting study in people when I look at who reads my opines.  It is also suggestive of who I am when I consider who does not read my opines.  Why Jesus even told us~

"A prophet is not without honor,

except in his hometown

and among his relatives

and in his own household."

Mark 6:4

Well I am certainly NO PROPHET--or worthy of honor or respect, so why do I dare to write? 

 Is it not more telling  who is reading than who is not?  I suspect those who know I write but do not read are either not impressed OR perhaps they know who I truly am.   For the small number who not only read but give some form of encouragement, that keeps me writing.  It would be far easier to journal than to put this out on social media.  Before the print button has been pushed, I have read and re-read and proofed and corrected multiple times.  (And STILL miss errors occasionally) Journaling does not require this.  Recently at Bible Study I was called upon to answer one of the questions and had to laughingly admit I wasn't certain what I was saying when I wrote the answer.  I had not proofed the answer and, though at the moment, I am certain I knew what I was trying to say--a few days later it had become lost in the process of head to paper.  

I am NO Biblical scholar.  What I know would fill a teacup and what God has given us is as vast as an ocean.  And yet--these ideas pop in my head, most of the time from the mundaneness of life.  So I am definitely not writing to impress with my vast knowledge and scholarly understanding of The Word.  Most of my opining comes from pondering life and considering Who God is.

I am certainly no Saint Theresa.  There are many points in my life which can cause me to blush with embarrassment over my stupidity.  I am brutally honest about my failures, my regrets, and my short comings.  In all honesty, I could have and should have done much better, but my feet of clay often became lead boots.  I knew what I should have done, but doing it was often my failure.

SO, I write---and I firmly believe those who read recognize my brutal honesty about my shortcomings.  They also know I recognize Who God is and how He loves us so deeply.  He is THE SOURCE of all things good.  Thankfully He occasionally uses me--when so many others are far more knowledgeable, far more eloquent, and truthfully a much better read.  I am living proof God can use the least likely---all for His Good Purpose and Glory!  Though I have no right---He uses me for the readers to understand---We are weak--but HE is strong.  


  1. I love reading your thoughts even when I don’t always comment. Sometimes it’s because I can relate so well and honestly don’t know what to say or how to say it! You inspire me to be better and try harder! I start off each day with such good intentions) and we know what road that’s paved to) and then seem to get caught up in the things I think need to get done and at the end of the day I feel l have fallen so short of what I intended to do or be and that’s to be mindful of being more like Jesus! I fail miserably so please keep the inspiration coming!

    1. You have sparked a little guilt over here--LOL! Before I sat down to write which comes after daily Bible reading, walking the Wonder Dog, having my Lulu latte & protein bar(creature of habit)---I thought I should make a list of all I want to accomplish today and this week. With Thanksgiving around the corner the busy is heating up here. My lists can rule my day--my week and leave no room for promptings from the Holy Spirit. GUILTY! We are all guilty--but God's Grace---AMEN! I am so thankful for your comment ---the enemy tells me no one reads--no one cares and then God uses you and others to encourage me. Thank You!

  2. I love your writing precisely because it's so down-to-earth, and you are honest with your readers, Lulu. We all have shortcomings, but God can use us in spite of ourselves to reach out to others for His honor and glory. Isn't that what life is really all about?
    Blessings, and keep writing!

    1. I’ve never suffered from illusions of grandeur, Martha- LOL! But it sone topic or sone thought continues to nag me I put it on paper. Thankful for you, My Friend & your eloquent poetry ❤️

  3. Loralu, I enjoy your posts and commend you for your writing tenacity. While I find us often in contrary positions your faith is inspiring. Take care and keep up the good work❤️


Your comments keep my writing and often cause me to think. A written form of a hug or a pat on the back and an occasional slap into reality---I treasure them all!