It has finally turned cold (probably will be in the 80's again soon) and I am freezing.  I have this theory---Southerners' blood thins in the summer to help keep us cool.  Since it gets hot in April and stays hot (though on and off in the fall) until after Christmas, our blood grows accustomed to this thin consistency.  We do not really have a slow transition to cold weather here.  Usually an Alberta Clipper will come blowing through overnight bringing frigid rain and wind.  My poor body is SO CONFUSED and I am literally freezing.  Where the heck are my gloves, coats, and winter clothing???   Your body get the message, but your blood cannot thicken overnight.  NOW, you may be laughing at my theory--but this is a scientific fact--"Red blood cells take between 4-6 weeks to completely replace."  SO it takes that long for our blood to thicken to help keep us warm.  

We often call those who seem to be insensitive to criticism or insults thick skinned.  I suppose this came from the fact that the thicker our skin the less prone to damage.  Unfortunately, as we age (that would be me) our skin thins.  When you read about this condition, you find our skin can begin to thin as early as our 20's with the reduction in collagen levels.  At this point, I bruise when I walk too close to a wall or door and carrying a grocery bag on my arm can lead to a lovely bruise.  

As I pondered thick and thin, I thought of those who have been with me "through thick and thin."  This, of course, refers to good times and bad.  We have a hand full of those loved ones who never leave our sides.  Even whe

n we have messed up--BIG TIME--they still love us, support us, and stick with us.  That my friends is a true blessing and I am grateful for each of those who have stayed by my side ~even when I did not deserve it.

God has stuck with me--in the good, the bad, and the ugly.  He is faithfully by my side---never budges---is always close---is the standard for consistency in a relationship.  What a gift--what a blessing----through thick and thin.  Are we prepared to do likewise?

"Through thick and think,

 keep your hearts at attention, 

in adoration before Christ, your Master.  

I Peter 3:15 (The Message)

Side note--when you read the blog title did you begin to sing Andrae Crouch's song?  


  1. Those precious souls who stick with us no matter what are true treasures, Lulu. God is always faithful; we can always count on Him to be with us, come what may.


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