The apartment complex where I live has sent daily emails and texts for a week reminding the residents of the impending freezing temperatures.  They also have those yard signs you see for politicians, schools, etc posted at the two gates in case you do not look at the internet.  I do understand it would be a BIG deal if a resident did not leave their heat on nor allow their water to drip when we have a below zero wind chill.  My apartment has one sink which is on an outer wall, but I know some have their kitchens or laundry rooms on outer walls.  What's the BIG DEAL?  A good friend in Ruston was off on a trip when we had one of these Low Fronts come blowing through.  The pipes(which were in the attic)  burst and his entire house flooded while they were gone and no one knew.  It was a mess of gargantuan proportions-as in months of repairs.   If a pipe were to burst in these apartment buildings which are three stories high---it could be a huge mess.  Each building has at least 18 - 20 apartments with some buildings many more.  AND there are a LOT of young people who are really busy socially ,and occasionally work or school so have little time to worry about silly things like pipes bursting.


Exactly what causes the pipes to burst?  The water in the pipe forms ice and it stops flowing.  If the faucets are all closed, when the pipes begin to thaw there is a huge risk of the water causing the pipe to burst.  "The water freezes in place.  As more water freezes and accumulates in one area of a pipe, more and more pressure is applied to that area.  When the pressure becomes too much, the pipe will burst."  As the water thaws, it will run out the first point it can escape--which will be the point of the rupture.

As I thought this phenomenon over, I thought of us allowing our emotions to become pent up until the emotional dam bursts and out pours much more than we ever intended.  Not too many times in my life have I completely lost my cool when angry, but I am not proud of the times my frustrations finally caused the dam to break.  It was not pretty and I am NOT proud of how I acted or what I said.  What can we do to prevent this happening?  Perhaps we should allow the frustrations to drip out slowly--when we can be more in control of what might spew forth.  A slow drip is much easier to control than a gusher from pent up pressure.  SO---when frustrated or angry--allow yourself to express your emotions in a calmer moment with kindness.  There is not one thing wrong with expressing our frustrations and even anger---in fact--it is a healthy thing to do so, but a better witness is to do so with calm.  NOW--how did frozen pipes get me to this point?  The mind is mysterious thing and my mind can be a downright puzzle.

"Be angry, and yet do not sin,

do not let the sun go down on your anger"

Ephesians 4:26


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    1. We have had another artic front come through last night, Martha & it’s frigid.


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