I just walked in from my early morning Hero walk---today is Friday--keep in mind I write ahead.  The low front came screaming into town last night (ALL NIGHT HOWLING WINDS) and this morning the temperature was 28 F with wind gust from 20-25 MPH.  This created a frigid feels like of 15F.  We did not walk quite the distance we usually do, but we were out there LONG enough to realize we have had quite enough of this frigid weather (with more to come--AND colder).  

It is quite the ordeal to get Hero and me dressed to get out the door when it is really cold.  I am NOT a fan of  being cold--though I do enjoy cold weather---so I prepare with layers accordingly.  Hero is NOT a fan of wearing his coat and we only do it on the coldest of days.  He began by running from me as soon as he spotted I was holding the coat.  Thank goodness for a small apartment where I can shut the doors and trap him.  And then there is the ordeal of getting it on him and all the belts and buckles closed.  At this point he is in a unhappy dog pout and refusing to move.  I have to pick him up and carry him down the stairs to get outside at which point there is some dragging involved to get him moving.  It all worked out--literally!  After lots of leg lifting,  he was lifting his leg with the hope of leaving his mark and barely sprinkling the spot----we came in.  At which time we have to reverse the entire process, but he gets his treats and then breakfast so I am forgiven. (AND he is delighted to be out of that coat---I cannot imagine trying to get boots on him!)

This is not Hero, but this is the very same coat he wears.
I think he looks so cute with his red coat covering his black and white body.
He is not a fan.

The cold air is here to stay for a few days---I have counted how many really warm tops I have to make certain I am prepared in case the power goes down (A good topic for another day).  Two times a day we will be forced to follow this getting ready ritual or suffer the consequences of the frigid temperatures.  I have all the armor I need to face these cold days and faithfully put it on before going outside.  Today is good example of what can happen when you do not have the proper equipment.  I was covered from head to toe---except for my face.  By the time we had walked half a mile, I was quite the sight.  The tears were streaming down my face and there was a river of nasal discharge (Momma would not like me saying snot) under my nose.  Wearing mittens is not conducive to retrieving the ever present tissue in my pocket and then there is Hero who is pulling me the way he thinks we should go.  It was a lovely sight---thankfully I was out before all the other dog walkers this morning.

This was such a good reminder of Priscilla Shirer's study on the Armor of God.  When I know I am about to head out into the elements of winter, I dress accordingly.  This is no surprise---so I am ready when I head out the door.  So it is with The World---it is no surprise when we head out the door into the world we will be subject to  attack.  We need to be ready--prepared---wearing the full suit of armor God has provided to protect us.  Thank God for His faithful provision.

"Put on the full armor of God,
that you will  be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil."
Ephesians 6:11


  1. It's absolutely frigid here, too, Lulu. And yes, we do need to bundle up against the physical elements and the spiritual ones that want to bombard us daily. Full armor sounds great to me!

    1. We are having a slow warming trend today through Friday and then back to the Artic we go, Martha. I see by the calendar---SPRING IS COMING!


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