As I am writing this, we are right smack dab in the middle of preparing for the semi-annual Dallas Market Children's Sample Sale.  We began working on this three weeks ago, and to say it is a Herculean Task is an understatement.  We have thousands of pieces of clothing and accessories.  To get this all set up, we do it in stages and have a process which requires sorting clothing into sizes and gender.  We also have tubs of clothing from prior seasons which we mark down each and every sale.  NOW--you understand where this topic came from.

We have a section of a room larger than the size of a basketball court which only has deep sale items.  We do it very similar to retail stores all over---the discounted items are in the back of the room.  For obvious reasons we prefer to sale the things newly brought from market, and we have shoppers who never even look at anything but the newest.  And the greater percentage of the items are those newly acquired samples.  The sale items only occupy a small corner of the room.  BUT the discount back there is huge---well worth going through the rack.

SO--where is this headed?  This is my third sale and being a student of human nature---I find it fascinating who heads to the back before even looking at the newly acquired.  Those who are looking for a bargain on a bargain.  All these samples are sold at wholesale---and we are further discounting that.  There are those who ONLY buy items which have a discount.  I must admit, the little clothing I buy for myself these days---is always at a discount.  The retailers have caught on---new items are swiftly discounted to move them.  The name of the game is volume and getting merchandise out the door.  So you often find items---for today and today only we are offering a discount.  It's a ploy to get us to spend our money thinking we are getting a bargain.  BUT there is a two edged sword in discount shopping.  When it becomes a game or maybe even an obsession, are we purchasing things we don't really need?  There is an entire NEW trend out there, among some of the young especially, in being minimalist.  Only having what you need.  My personal strategy has always been--buy something new--something old has to go.  We only have so much space in our world, and it takes time and energy to take care of our belongings.  At this point in life, I am really over--taking care of things I probably do not need in the first place.  Owning something for the sake of having it is highly over-rated.  We are a consumer society, but I am happy to see the trend among some of trying to consume only what they truly need.

NOW---if you are a shopper---if you enjoy the chase of a bargain, I am thankful we are all different and PLEASE come buy some of these darling outfits for your children or grands.  They can be the best dressed after a tour of the sale.  As always,  I am so thankful God made us all different.  Here is the point---in ALL things seek balance.  Remember we should judge a book not by its cover, but the story it tells.  Less can be best!

"Command those who are rich in this present age not to be haughty,

nor to trust in uncertain riches but in the living God,

who gives us richly all things to enjoy.

Let them do good,

that they may be rich in good works,

ready to give,

willing to share,

storing up for themselves a good foundation 

for the time to come"

I Timothy 6:17-19


  1. Things we often think we want definitely don't point to what we truly need, which is a relationship with Jesus. The Lord has certainly given us grace and mercy in healing Danny. He had a new pacemaker put in today and will be discharge tomorrow. With sons, Giovanni and Nicco driving, we will leave for home on Wednesday. Thanks for your prayers!

    1. So thankful for a successful procedure. Traveling grace prayers!


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