This should open up a discussion---is love a feeling or a decision?  Do people actually FALL out of love or, instead, do they make a conscious decision to no longer love someone?  This not only applies to marriages, friends actually grow apart and no longer have the depth of affection they once did.  And then there is the whole new idea of "Ghosting".  Not familiar with this new colloquial term?  You abruptly cut off contact with someone without giving any warning or explanation.  

A good friend recently told me a story about being ghosted.  She was so perplexed and hurt.  She pursued a conversation about the problem, but was once again "ghosted".  Do we treat someone we really love this way?  AND is this happening so frequently now that we had to come up with a term for it?  I do believe we used to talk about people "dropping" other people, but usually it was for a reason.   Sorry--slightly off the subject.

It should come as no surprise that I deeply feel this ~

AGAIN, I will say love is a verb.  It takes work---whatever the relationship.  Marriage, friend, family---whatever the relationship--they all take time and energy to maintain.  SO--yes, it is a feeling and then it is a decision to work to feed and nurture that love.  SO--when you tell someone you love them---whomever it is---it comes with a cost.  Do not think you can say it and have no further requirement.  That would be similar to declaring I am a runner, but never bothering to run.

"Love is a choice and a decision because your actions determine if it lives on or ends.  You are in control of how you act in your relationships and how much you push past conflict and challenges.  When you decide to work on communication, trust, intimacy, or emotional security, you're choosing love." Psychcentral.com

AND what does God require of us?  One thing I remind myself of often is we are called to love those who are not easy to love.  Frankly--I am guilty of avoiding, if at all possible, being around those who are difficult.  BUT GOD---requires me to love them.  Why?  As a Believer I am His earthly representative.  Do I emulate the love Jesus showed?  Sadly--not always. All through The Word we see examples of love being a verb--requiring action.  Today-I have two verses to end with that say exactly what I am trying to say~

"Beloved, let us love one another,

for love is of God?

I John 4:7

"For if you love those who love you,

what reward do you have?"

Matthew 5:46


  1. Love is most definitely a verb, Lulu. It requires action and work on our part to see it through.

    1. Hard work but the payoff is joy.


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