Do you realize our love for others---even our love for our pets comes with a cost?  There is no up front payment in this case.  The price is paid at the end ~ when we lose that loved one.  Grief is tough---a deep hole of sorrow with slippery slopes which allow us to fall back into the pool of despair over and over.  Counselors will tell you there are five stages of grief.  This leads us to believe once we experience a stage we can move on to the next one.  NO SUCH THING!  Some of us may have to experience a stage more than once.  Some of us may get stuck in a stage.  There is no timetable for grief.   Personally I think the intensity and depth of the love is not always an indicator or how long we will grieve.  Every parent I know who has lost a child forever grieves.  Perhaps not with the intensity of those early days, months or years, but the loss is forever a part of their life.  

When reading what the psychologist say about grief, I came across this explanation ~

Grief is the anguish experienced after significant loss, usually the death of a beloved person.  Grief often includes physiological distress, separation anxiety, confusion, yearning, obsessive dwelling on the past, and apprehension about the future.

That pretty much paints the picture---except mere words are so inadequate to try and describe the journey of grief.  My prayer for others, who are experiencing loss, is their sweet memories will comfort them.  Time does not heal all wounds, but it can dull the ache.

NOW---the good thing about the cost.  You would never have to pay that cost if you did not love deeply, enduringly, intensely, and with great joy.  The good reason to get out of bed every morning and face whatever may come is the love we feel for our dear ones.  What joy--what a blessing are those we love.  Man has long recognized the uniqueness of love.  It has inspired much conversation through song, books, poetry, plays, and movies.  We have already talked about love makes the world go round, and now we know that love comes with a price.  Can we agree it is well worth the cost when all is said and done?  We we created to be in relationships--God knows those relationships come with a cost--He watched His own son pay a huge cost when He died because of His deep love for mankind.  You only grieve when you have loved.

"Blessed are those who mourn,

for they shall be comforted."

Matthew 5:4


  1. That is so true, Lulu. You only grieve deeply when you have loved deeply. Yes, there is a cost, but I choose to pay the price for the joy that love has brought into my life.


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