It always amazes me how one word or one phrase can start my wheels turning.  I do not even remember where I heard "fresh start"---nor the context of why it was said, but it struck a note with me.  Exactly what is a fresh start and can you really have one?

I have a friend who is a talented artist.  She sent me a photo of her latest creation---and MY GOODNESS it was beautiful.  BUT artists are really hard on themselves and she was not satisfied.  The next time I asked about it she had painted over the entire painting and started over---OR HAD SHE?  Yes, the original painting was gone, BUT she created a different color canvas when she painted over it.  SO the colors under whatever she painted next would be directly impacting her next creation.

We often think each January 1 is a fresh start, but is it?  How can what happened in all the previous years not impact our actions in the new year.  We cannot erase history--as much as we might like to.  We cannot undo what has been done and it CERTAINLY influences our future behavior.  IF we are willing to learn from our past and change our ways, we can do better.  I have a fresh start in my exercise program at least once a year and sometimes more.  I get off track, get sick, become discouraged and a variety of other excuses and come to a dead stop.  I then get a fresh start on couch sitting, surfing the net, and reading books.  BUT the remarkable thing about the human body--we have muscle memory.  SO yes, I am beginning again, but not from ground zero.  My muscles remember my history and they get in the swing quicker than the very first time I started.  My history gives me the opportunity to do better by quickly getting back to where I left off and then the do better can begin.

SO--the point--do not beat yourself up when you have to start over at whatever.  We always have the opportunity to do better and though we may feel we sometimes come up lacking or woefully short---we can move forward with the knowledge of what we gained on our last try.  God never intended us to become discouraged and give up.  He gave us a memory so that we might learn and try again.  Call it a fresh start if that helps you make the effort, but do not quit.  Second chances was created by God because of His love for mankind.  Don't give up---keep moving forward.

"Being confident of this,

that He who began a good work in you

will carry it on to completion

until the day of Christ Jesus."

Philippians 1:6


  1. Making a fresh start sounds so inviting, but I love how you've called into consideration all the other "beginnings" we have amassed over a lifetime, and how that gives us the very energy to move forward. Thanks for this reflection, Lulu!

  2. What would we do without your thoughts and Gods forgiveness to let us have a new beginning. Keep thinking and telling us your thoughts. So we can enjoy what you think about. Sounds like a word salad!!
    Love you friend


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