Once again--mindless television has conjured up a topic from empty chatter.  Deception was the word that caught my attention.  Exactly what is deception?  Dr. Google gives this explanation~

The act of hiding the truth, especially to get an advantage.

NOW, that opens a can of worms!  Does this say we are deceiving only when we are working to get an advantage?  The more I read the more confused as I felt like I was going in circles.  Most of us think deception involves lying---and I found out that is not always the case.  Lying involves making a false statement.  "Deception does not require that one make a false statement or make any statement at all.  True statements can be deceptive and some forms of deception do not involve making statements. " AND then I found this~

"Deception includes both dissimulation (hiding or withholding  information) and stimulation (putting out wrong or misleading information).  Both deception and lying can be accomplished by omission as well as by commission."

One word uttered on a mindless-meaningless episode of "Mindless Chatter"  and I am off to the races.  Time to pause and reflect on exactly where I am trying to go.  One thing which came to mind was exaggeration.  At one time or another all of us are probably guilty of exaggeration.  "I thought I was going to die!" is more than likely an exaggeration used to try to convey the depth of our feelings.  Only necessary in our minds, we do not trust that the depth of our distress will be understood--so we exaggerate. Is exaggeration deception?  As with many things--it depends upon intent.  Are we trying to get an advantage or are we trying to make certain the depths of our emotion are understood.  In any conversation with one who English is not their native tongue, our tendency to exaggerate or the use of colloquialisms can cause great confusion.  There are times we should  say what we mean and mean what we say.

In my mind deception always comes with intent.  If we omit the truth, exaggerate the truth, or avoid the truth for personal gain---we are in the business of deception.  BUT this lead me down the next road.  What would you think the worst deception is?  "Mindless Chatter" labeled the deception of ourselves the worst form.  Interesting------Once again Dr. Google listed these are examples of deceiving ourselves~

1.  Keep making excuses for ourselves or others.

2.  Can't accept responsibility for things.

3.  Keep blaming others (blame shifting).

4.  Keep avoiding unpleasant realities.

5.  Feel defensive or threatened when people challenge us.

AND then I found this -

"We deceive ourselves to better deceive others."

WELL--now that leads me to believe deception is most certainly about intent.  It is a double whammy---we begin with "me" so that we can spill over to "you".  I tend to fool myself on many levels.  I might state---"I plan to workout today" to try and convince myself and whomever is at the other end of the statement that I will be in the gym---fully knowing I plan to sit on the sofa eating chips and watching "Mindless Chatter".  SO--perhaps we all need a truth meter installed to warn others when we are "exaggerating" or just plain down right telling a falsehood.  Remember that statement~ "Why can't we all just get along? "  Knowing the world would be such a better place, if we did, we ask this question.  Today I am asking,

"Why can't we all just stick to the truth?"  A point to consider while doing your thinking and pondering today-----AM I A TRUTH TELLER?

"So put away all malice 

and all deceit

 and hypocrisy

and envy and slander."

I Peter 2:1

"The heart is deceitful above all things

and beyond cure.

Who can understand it?"

Jeremiah 17:9


  1. You now have me viewing deception in a whole new light, Lulu. Let's simply decide to tell the truth to others, no matter where the eventual chips may fall.

    1. Sometimes truth telling is extremely difficult--especially when it is painful for the other to hear. BUT truth always wins out!


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