The Wonder Dog did not come to live with me without some trials.  To begin with, he came with a back injury which took weeks of rehab.  He was dragging a leg and this necessitated me picking him up so that he could make as few steps as possible at the start of his rehab.  He also was not house-broken and this required MANY trips outside until he got the hang of it.  I had to constantly keep an eye on him so that he would not over exert or lift a leg.  After two rounds of anti-inflammatories, we began to slowly increase his walking distance.  It was at least three months of constant attention, before it looked like he was headed in the right direction.  I have told you before, Hero was my grand's dog when I took him.  There were 3 under 4 and a baby on the way.  To say that he had to feign for himself is an understatement.  When ever the little ones were around he was a favorite toy to torment.  He actually spent a great deal of time hiding from those 3 boys.  I can't imagine why since he became their live plaything.  After those three months of me nursing him and house-breaking him, I told my daughter, "He's my dog now."  There was a great deal of relief--on her part and Hero's part.  He had landed in Dog Narnia by coming to my house.  More than one friend has expressed they would like to be my dog.  It comes with its rewards, BUT you also have to do things my way.   He is easy to snatch up and we always go the way I want.  POOR HERO---NOT!

Here he is staying with #1 daughter and #1 Granddaughter, when I had the flu after Thanksgiving.  I could not walk him, so he spent a week with them.  I am pretty certain that look is, "HELP!!"  He is a quirky little dog(I call him My Needy Old Man)  and has learned to love our routine and solitude.  With four children, routine is a three ring circus at their house.  He still hides from them.  

I have always loved dogs,  but after not having an inside dog for decades when Hero came to live with me---I had allergy problems.  My allergies have actually gotten worse with age.  I had noticed allergies anytime I stayed with the grands, but I would blow, sniff and go on.  When Hero moved in, it took a LOT of anti-histamines and time to become desensitized to him.  With time and treatment, I began to tolerate being exposed better.  Now---I still have allergies, but I was not having problems with Hero in Louisiana, so I am pretty certain I am allergic to Texas (they call it cedar fever over here).  The human body is an amazing thing---we can learn to tolerate so much with time and exposure.

As I was thinking this over, I thought about how we desensitize ourselves to sin with exposure.  I little fib becomes white lies and finally can settle into full blow deceit.  When we do not stop to repent for those "little" sins we open ourselves up to "big" sins.  This supports my belief that sin is sin---there is no sliding scale of degree.  And then we do things which numb our body from the effects of sin---we medicate ourselves with man-made remedies.  It is truly a slippery slope.  I am so thankful I have learned to tolerate the dog dander which gave me so much grief,  BUT caution is necessary when it comes to sin.   I do not want to open the door to sin by allowing exposure to creep in.  Okay--I am ready--tell me what you think.

"But each one is tempted when he is drawn away 

by his own desires and enticed.

Then, when desire has conceived,,

it gives birth to sin,

and, sin, when it is full-grown,

brings forth death.

Do not be deceived,

my beloved brethren."

James 1:14-16


  1. A perfect analogy here, Lulu. Sin loves to slip through whatever cracks it can find. Let's keep on the armor of God.

    1. One of my favorite studies I have done is Shriver's "Armor of God". Yes--let's stay girded up!

  2. Thank you, for being YOU!

    1. At this stage of the game I’ve forgotten how to be anyone else😜. Just thankful I remember who I am🤣


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