It is really amazing how I can hear a word or a phrase in the most unsuspecting places and it gets the gears turning.  Recently, on a series I am currently watching on Netflix, I heard this ~

"Stuff we don't like to talk about"

and it struck a chord and I immediately wrote it down to ponder after wasting another 30 minutes watching an episode of "Mindless Chatter".  NO--not the name of what I am watching, but suffice it to say I cannot be productive every hour of every day.  Mindless chatter helps me come down from the day and prepares me for a night of rest.  Boredom is a sure tool to help sleep.


Every time I looked at my note with "stuff we don't like to talk about", I came up with another thing to put on the list.  My children do not like to talk about my death.  With every day we all grow nearer to our final Good-bye.  As we age it becomes more and more apparent we do not get out of this alive.  BUT for various reasons, my demise is a taboo subject with my children.  It is either taboo or brings about some quip concerning my ancient age.  They seem to think I will live forever and do not want to discuss any alternative.

Politics is a BIG thing I do not want to talk about.  I am really weary of all the fighting, name calling, threats, yelling, and smart remarks from all the politicians out there and those who have jumped on board the want to fight train.  For the life of me, I do not understand why we cannot agree to disagree without trying to kill each other.  SO---you may want to start a discussion about politics with me, but I will quickly and smoothly change the subject.  I have my opinions, but will not be discussing them with you.  Wars have been fought for far less.

Most of us do not want to talk about depression, anxiety, or any other form of psychological illness.   Personally, I laugh and say I have earned all my crazies.  It is no secret my family has a tendency toward depression and OCD.  We do not mind speaking of our physical ailments, but for some reason we associate shame with any mental ailment.   Perhaps we believe it is a sign of weakness.   SO, the subject is taboo---stuff we don't like to talk about.

Three examples of the stuff we don't want to talk about, but why?  I for one do not like to argue or any form of dissension.  I will stuff a sock in my mouth before I will argue.  In fact I am pretty certain I have shortened my tongue by all the biting of it.  It is just a matter of trying to keep the peace.  There is also the sense of shame we sometimes have that causes us to refrain from bringing certain subjects up.  We keep secrets. we refuse to discuss, and we silently work on our first ulcer or heart attack.  I am a firm believer in stuffing our feelings is not good for our health, and yet I can stuff it with the best of them.

Why am I unwilling to discuss certain things? The fear of loss of a relationship---loss of esteem---is probably at the top of that list.  Today's world of heightened emotion concerning so many subjects has led to broken relationships---walking away from another after years of being side by side.  We are saying if you can't agree with me--we cannot be friends.  I am threatened by you not being on the same page I am.  I refuse to agree to disagree.  That is not what God intended, but the fallen world has embraced.  Why can't we all just get along?  Sadly, because we are all fallen.

"Stay away from foolish and stupid arguments,

because you know they grow into quarrels."

2 Timothy 2:23


  1. Every family has topics that are considered taboo for healthy discussion. I agree, that though I have strong feelings about the issues we face in our time, I won't talk about them if I think I'll stir the pot with negativity. Danny and I have had to, because of our recent circumstances, discuss subjects that are serious to both of us. It's probably a good thing to share such things honestly, but it doesn't feel good at the time. I guess we all have those times.
    Blessings, Lulu!

    1. Hard discussions are a part of life. Better to air the topic than to be left guessing later. My mother left no doubt about her end of life should look. I am so thankful, because the medical world is on the side of life at all cost until the end. I became her advocate and have never regretted it.
      Blessings, Martha!


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