When you train for a marathon, it is 18 long weeks of training.  The final big push sees a week of over 50 miles including a long run of 20+ miles.  The work of preparing is finally behind you and there is a two week "taper" resting your body, allowing it to heal from the punishment of all that running,  but still lightly training for the big race.  How I would look forward to those 2 weeks!  It was time to get my mental game on in anticipation of that REALLY difficult 26.2 mile run.  So much of running is a mental game---what you are thinking you can do will more than likely be what you do.  Time was spent reflecting on what the race day would look like and your game plan.  The pause was necessary and helped prepare you for the day of sure pain and exhaustion.

The Word has no record of what Jesus was doing on Wednesday before the final days of His great suffering.  The commentary I read speculated He rested.  We know Jesus took time to leave the crowds--leave the noise of life--and spend time praying.  Perhaps He was praying---perhaps He took a pause---and reflected and prepared for what was to come.  Since so much of Jesus's ministry is recorded in the Gospels, I find it probable He was not only away from the crowds, but He was not teaching the disciples.  We know those with Him later wrote down all the important lessons---so it makes me wonder did He withdraw and prepare?  We will never know---but what we do know was there was a pause mid-week.

Do you take pauses in life?  Do you allow yourself time to think--time to consider--time to assess?  In our hurry scurry world, we think we do not have time to pause, but a pause is not only good for the body--but good for the soul.  I pray we can all follow the example of Jesus---and allow ourselves pauses.  A pause to prepare for what lies ahead--known or unknown; a pause to pray for guidance, strength, and peace; a pause to remember and plan for tomorrow; a pause to consider the role God has played and is playing in our lives; a pause for our well being.  If Jesus found this a good thing---shouldn't we also?

"You keep him in perfect peace

who mind is stayed on you"

Isaiah 26:3

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  1. This is a beautiful commentary on resting. We all need to pause and rest in His presence and find peace within our souls. I too think Jesus rested and prayed with His Father to endure the coming days.


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