So many important occasions and celebrations are anchored by a meal together.  A moment to refuel, rest, and reflect with one another.  Our family is invited to join with another family of friends this Easter to feast and celebrate.  It will be a joyous occasion filled with lots of young ones hunting for eggs.  At the other end of the spectrum is the meal shared with family and friends following a funeral.  A time to join together and remember.  All of those dinners for whatever the occasion~ some may dread---some may look forward to, but it is a time to gather together and remember the whys.

Thursday of Holy Week brought the tradition which continues until today--throughout Christendom---

The Lord's Supper

An important reminder of exactly what Jesus did for us.  Who better to celebrate with than The Band of Brothers He had poured Himself into---taught---counselled---led--prayed with---trusted and bestowed the mantle of evangelism upon.  They would be responsible for the spread of The Word---The Good News.  It was only fitting that He eat His final meal with them.  This meal began the ball rolling toward Calvary---it was all foretold---there were no surprises.

And then---As It Should Be----after the meal and Judas running off on his errand of greed, He withdrew to pray.  To prepare Himself for what was to come---He turned to the One true source of strength and wisdom.  He communicated with His Father.

Maundy Thursday is derived from the Latin word for "command" and refers to Jesus' commandment to "Love one another as I have loved you."    A monumental task if you consider "how" Jesus loved us.  

As we begin the push toward Easter---I pray we all pause and reflect on exactly what happened.  The story has been told and retold over the years---but it bears repeating--it deserves contemplation as we walk toward Friday and all it will hold.

                                                        "And He said to them,

                      'I have earnestly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer.' "

Luke 22:15

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