On my current medical binge show, "Mindless Chatter" the reoccurring theme is ER or OR blood baths.  LOTS OF BLOOD!  They pour the blood into the body and it pours it out through some open artery or wound.  There is usually blood pouring out of the patient, blood spurting all over the doctors, and the floor, gurney and sometimes even the walls.  It is NOT for the squeamish!

In my annual read through the Bible the reoccurring theme during the past few weeks is the blood sacrifices to atone for man's sin.  When you read it flat on the page, it does not seem like a big deal.  If you have ever witnessed the slaughter of a farm animal or the field dressing of a deer, you know it can be a big deal.  Blood, the life sustaining fluid, which supplies the body with all we need to keep us alive can be messy.  I guess I am a literalist for when I read of those sacrifices, I can see the blood all over everything---everywhere--running down the steps- pouring for the alter-covering the priests.  Blood makes for a messy  business.

And then I think of Jesus---on this Friday---and what He suffered---and how he suffered.  A crown of thorns---we all know how head wounds bleed.  A lashing to strip the skin from his back.  Nails driven through his feet and hands---and more blood.  The final thrust of a spear which brought that last gush of blood.  Jesus suffered a messy death.  Bloody--brutal--excruciatingly painful--His sacrifice for our sin.  The ultimate sacrifice to clear all mankind's messy record of sin.  All for us who call upon His name---all because He loved us---the gift of infinite grace.  Thank God for Friday and all it entailed and the promise of Sunday was coming! 

"Through Him to reconcile to Himself all things,

whether on earth or in heaven,

making peace by the blood of His cross."

Colossians 1:20

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  1. I've missed your reflections here this week, Lulu, but I'm glad I could reconnect with you in this post. We need to be reminded about the messiness of the crucifixion; it shouldn't be sanitized. Realizing the extent of Jesus' sacrifice for us makes us appreciate His saving power all the more.
    Happy Easter!


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