HOW MANY TIMES have I told my self to take a deep breath and keep moving.  When talking with Dr. Wonderful during my physical we discussed my being winded occasionally.  My theory is it comes with age and not being in the great shape I once upon a time was.  She agreed that could be the culprit, but said it could also mean I need to get on the tread mill and do a cardio stress test.  LET ME SEE HOW I CAN GET OUT OF THAT!  

Have you ever stopped to consider the act of getting oxygen into your internal system?  It is a wonder in itself---a flipping miracle of creation if I EVER knew one.  By the act of expanding our diagram we inhale the air around us.  It travels to our lungs after being filtered by our bronchia.  The lungs then extract the needed oxygen---mix it into our blood---and the heart pumps it all over our body.  Oxygen is a fundamental need of the human body.  Each and every cell needs oxygen.  Without it the part deprived of the oxygen will die--PERIOD.  It is a marvel--pure genius----what a Creator we have!

I learned the Lamaze breathing techniques decades ago to help bear pain.  It did help during child birth, but I have used it so many times since then when in intense pain.  By slowing down our breathing and concentrating on the action of our breathing---our mind is taken off the pain, our muscles unclench, and we are helped with getting past the pain.  It works--I promise!

The Word is full of references to breath.  We are told in Genesis the very breath of God is in us ~

"And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground,

and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and

man was a living soul."

Genesis 2:7

In one book, Job, I found 11 verses referencing breath.  There are countless times in the Old Testament it is used.  And then there is the Holy Spirit--the very breath of God . The breath of life that sustains all living beings.    God and breath---so closely intertwined --both so very necessary for life. 

SO the next time you are stressed, in pain, hurt, or in distress---just breathe--and know that God Himself enters you and courses through you with the very act of taking a breath we acknowledge Who He is ~

"Who among all these does not know
that the hand of the Lord has done this?
In His hand is the life of every living thing
and the breath of all mankind."
Job 12:9-10


  1. Yes, God is most certainly in every breath we take. Could there be a better reminder that He is always with us?
    Blessings, Lulu!

    1. A reminder of who first breathed the breath of air into us-our Creator God.
      Blessings, Martha!


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