One of the ways the world has made a huge change in my lifetime is the advent of the internet and all that goes with it.   Personally I am not a fan of being "available" 24-7 via cell phone.  My dirty little secret is I keep my phone on silent when I am busy with other things--like sleeping or talking with a friend or I am just plain down right busy.  Do not take it personally--but I feel the phone is for my convenience not yours.  When I worked, I had a secretary who screened my calls for me.  Those days are in the past, but you can leave a message on my phone and I will get back with you (unless you are trying to sell me something).  I do not want a cell phone ruling my life.  There is such a thing as being too available.

Here at the Young Executive-College Student Apartment Complex almost everyone walks around with these in their ears.  This seems to tie them even closer to their cell in my mind.  The internet and all it entails has become the ruler of lives.  Dirty little secret #2--I do not have ear buds and do not want ear buds.  My children and grands all have them--so it is definitely a generational thing.  I am not interested in learning this new trick. 

I have used wireless buds for my music in the past while running/walking alone.  BUT--I only put one bud in.  I wanted to be able to hear the noises around me and two buds seemed to drown out the world.  It was important to be able to hear the traffic, and I enjoyed hearing the sounds around me--especially the birds singing.  The #1 Rule of running and walking out on the by-ways---stay alert.  Be aware of what is happening around you.  That is difficult to do if the sounds around you are effectively drowned out by the noise coming from you buds.  That is all you can hear.

Any public place is a good indicator of how many are now tuning out the world and selecting to hear only what they want to hear.  Is that a good thing?  Are we missing out on when we decide we will only listen to what we choose?  

This is all coming from the book I am reading that I posted about recently.  One of the best Christian books I have read in a long time.  The review is coming---when I finish it.  Suffice it to say---it has been a huge wake up for me.  BUT--this tidbit really spoke volumes to me and I wanted to share it today.  Be open to hearing by listening to the world around you.  There are certainly times for quiet contemplation, certainly times we need to focus on the one speaking to us, but there also is the wonder of so much to hear--all around us.  I have been inspired by so much of what I have heard and more importantly--it has caused me to think.  I am praying we all keep at least one ear open---and practice the art of listening.  There is so much to be gained--so many surprises--such a beautiful world of sound playing a symphony all around us.  And then there are the soft whispers of God needing our attention.   Try it for a day--

"He who has ears to hear,

let him hear."

Matthew 11:15


  1. It is so crucial to pay attention to the world around us, Lulu. Who knows what we can learn when we are truly listening?

    1. I have almost finished the book you recommended on listening. It has really spoken to me. Thank you for the rec!


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