I have a friend I have met since I moved to Fort Worth this time around that I really enjoy a good discussion with.  He is working on His second masters degree and headed to a doctorate in theology  from a seminary here -The Brite School of Divinity.  TCU was originally a university founded by the Disciples of Christ denomination.  Brite is the seminary on the TCU campus.   From my discussion with this friend, I have determined the seminary leans to the liberal side.  His liberalism does not scare me---I do not feel attacked when we talk---it causes me to think.  There is no threat in a healthy discussion,  instead it can stimulate great growth and affirmation of your beliefs.  

I recently saw this friend and we began our discussion with me asking, "What courses are you taking this semester?"  He is taking one course which really struck up a conversation-

"Theology Of The Prison System"

It was a long and deep discussion--but let me expound upon one theory he gave me ~

The underlying question of the prison system is do you think it is working?

He then told me the class had come to the conclusion that your view of God would be the basis in your conclusion.  He seemed to think that we look at God in one of two ways-

1.  He is a wrathful God who allowed His Son to suffer, be tortured, and murdered for the sins of man.

2.  Christ was a man --and what happened to Him was a consequence of being a man-not that God wanted this for Him.

I walked away with the wheels turning.  Here is my answer.  We have sin because of Adam and Eve(man)  opening that door.  Everything that God created was good---man allowed evil to rule in this world by his disobedience.  God loves His people---He desires a relationship with man---and the only way this was possible is if man's sin was atoned for.  He allowed Christ (part of God---the Three In One) to become man---and pay that cost.  Since God and Christ are part of the Trinity---3 in 1---it seems to me that it  follows that God also suffered when Christ did.  He was willing to sacrifice His Son---a part of Himself---to restore the original Kingdom.  No greater love has any man.  SO---God is righteous---not wrathful AND His love is so great that He- through His Son suffered so that we could live in relationship with Him.  We are allowed in the presence of God because Jesus threw open the door - not because the anger of God was satisfied through the suffering of Jesus.

Where am I headed?  

1.  Everyone does not have to think as we do.  We are charged to love our fellow man.  Do not be threatened when someone is different--instead be challenged to affirm what you believe and then agree to disagree in peace. 

2.  Think through these important points of faith---be ready for others to ask those hard questions.  The world is going to challenge us; life is going to challenge us.   Before the challenge comes---think over what you believe and why. 

I came away from that discussion more convinced than ever of God's deep love--abiding presence--and constant provision for all we need.  AND I look forward to my next discussion with this friend.  He is an interesting man--with a great concern for his fellow man--and he is willing to share what he has learned without being threatened when I think differently.   We all could use a friend like this---pointing us to nail down what we believe.

"That according to the riches of His glory

He may grant you to be strengthened with power

through His Spirit in your inner being,

so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith-

that you,

being rooted and grounded 

in love,

may have strength to comprehend with all the saints

what is the breadth and length

and height and depth,

and to know the love of Christ,

that surpasses knowledge,

that you may be filled with all the fullness of God."

Ephesians 3:16-19


  1. Indeed, Lulu, you have given us much food for deep thought with this post. We so have to know where we stand in our beliefs, but not be disagreeable with others who feel/think differently than we do. They, like us, are all made in His image.

    1. AMEN, Martha. God does the wooing--we tell His story.


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