One of the things on my mind these days is "Do I have a plan?"   Of course---I do not have a crystal ball, but it does not take a genius to figure out I have much less time there is in my future than the time in my past.  I have begun making  a conscious effort to think about and write down--those things I hope to accomplish with the time remaining.  Does this sound narcissistic?  I hope not, because it is not ALL about making me happy---it is more about living in the abundant joy of the blessing of the life God gifted me with.  I know - beyond a shadow of a doubt- if I am not intentional in seeking the joy promised---it will slip away.  So I am on a mission---and plan to write it down for all to see.  You are my accountability partner---please hold my feet to the fire!

My children seem to think I am going to live forever.  When I give them the genetic facts of the lack of longevity in the family tree, they scoff and take a trip down the river of denial.  I am much more pragmatic---and yes, I might make it past the early 80's which is the cap of my genetic time line, but you never know.  I am prepared---and the challenge now becomes how to have as much joy as possible over the time remaining.  I do not sit  around in a state of dread, but I also do not want to flitter away the time remaining.   Yes, I am looking forward to being in the presence of The Father & His Son---but I am certain I should be making the most of the time here.

The first thing that occurred to me was it will take energy to accomplish all I may put on that list.  Lulu Wisdom tells me to grow my energy---I have to expend some energy.  My running days are over---my aches and pains are manageable---but I also need to be kind to my body.  Yes, I walk--at least three times a day---but that is not enough.  Those walks are dictated by Hero's ability to endure on any given day.  He is old too.  Some days are better than others---but he is a tiny dog---and has good days but also bad in his old age.  So those walks are not going to grow my energy.   I began thinking about what I could do that I really enjoy---that also would help me grow my pep and vitality.  What could I do that can be done---anywhere---without special effort or equipment?  What could I do by myself of with others?  WHY I COULD DANCE!  If it was good enough for David to dance for the joy of the Lord, it should be good enough for me. 

There was a day when I absolutely loved cutting a rug---could not get enough of it.  Then, later in life, my dancing was tied to aerobic group exercise.  Depending upon how hard you go at it---it can be a great aerobic workout---to the music you love---at any time of the day or night---with no special outfit or equipment.  Turn my playlist on my cell on and get with it or look up a video on Youtube and follow along with an instructor.  There are countless opportunities and very little to stop me.  Why if I am having a bad day physically--turn on slow and steady and sway with the easy beat.  BUT--on my joy list---part of my plan---unless I am ill---spend time every day dancing.  Dance it out---go with the beat---and enjoy the double benefit of doing something I enjoy---and getting some exercise doing it.  NOW THIS SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN!  What a great thing to bring me joy with added benefits.  I am starting today---and hopefully will spend time everyday---dancing in the joy of the Lord.

"Let them praise His name with dancing,"

Psalm 149:3


  1. Why not do something we love, like dancing, that shows we are embracing the abundant life Jesus has promised! After all, He is Lord of the Dance.
    Blessings, Lulu!


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