My apartment has a balcony with a French door that I spend time sitting by and watching the comings and goings of my fellow residents.  THANKFULLY, because of where I am located in the complex, my view is limited to a few in the building I am in and those out walking their dogs at this end of the property.  

One day as I sat reading, I noticed some movement on the balcony out of the corner of my eye.  There was a tiny sparrow gathering supplies to build its nest.  It was fascinating watching this little bird.  They would pick up some scrap of material and seemingly study it.  At times, the material would be discarded--at other times it would fly away with it, with  the purpose of adding the newly found material to the nest.  I watched this for several hours, and came to the conclusion the bird was a very picky builder.  It discarded as much as it used.  I suppose only the finest would do.

The next morning, as I looked out the balcony windows, I noticed what seemed to be part of a nest on the concrete floor.  Upon further inspection, it was indeed the sparrow's nest.  Texas is notorious for its winds and the further west you get--the flatter the terrain--the fiercer the wind blows.  Add to that I am on the second floor--higher than the ground and the prowling cats in this area (you would not believe how many feral cats roam around in the city), BUT not sheltered from the winds.  The bird could have stuck the nest in some protected alcove or wedged in the trees around the buildings and perhaps had protection.  All of that attention to detail when it came to its home, except for where it was placed.  

Danger of many types are all around us.  We can focus on one particular danger and be blind sided or swept away when another one emerges.  We need to place that hedge of protection around us to guard us from all dangers.  Man (and all animals, birds, etc) knows danger is lurking in the world, and we know there are methods of protection.  BUT unless we are constantly vigilant, and thinking of what could be lurking, we may not be prepared when a sudden gust of danger blows through and we are left in the open---prime for the picking.  YES--by all means build your house on solid rock with care--but don't forget the hedge of protection provided by The Father.  

"Have you not put a hedge around him and his house

and all he has, on every side?"

Job 1:10


  1. There are dangers lurking all around us, Lulu. May the hedge of protection under God's wings keep us safe and alert.
    Blessings always!


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