Most of us do not enjoy feeling we are being judged---about almost anything.  It starts at an early age, perhaps as soon as we begin social interaction.  Suddenly our eyes are opened to the differences among people, and, most  of the time, we want to at least fit in.  I have known a few real individuals in my lifetime, who definitely marched to the beat of their own drummer, but the great majority were conformers.  Most follow the trends and put on the uniform of the current day---no matter how uncomfortable, how unflattering, or how ridiculous we might look.  The current trend here around the college campus is a skimpy tennis dress like attire.  I saw coeds in the early cool days of spring donning this outfit with goosebumps the size of a large tumor.  BUT,  if fashion says wear it, we put it on.  I could give you example after example over my lifetime.  What makes us follow these trends?  Who are we allowing to dictate what we wear?  Truthfully, in my dotage, I wear what is comfortable, easy to care for, and on the top of the clean pile.  Dress for success went out the door with retirement, and I have never looked back.  I have a closet filled with dri-fit, elastic waistbands, and not what looks good--but what feels good.  The truth of the matter is that in our older years, we get more invisible with every year.  People quit paying much attention to us, much less observing what we wear.  NOW if I was to walk out the door in a barely there ensemble that is so popular today, I can promise I might get attention.  BUT NOT THE KIND ANYONE WANTS!  It would be more like~  WHAT WAS SHE THINKING????

Pardon the language--but this is a perfect example

NOW--if you think being judged for your dress might be tough, put your house on the market and have the world walking through it.  With each of the 5 houses I have sold in 13 years, I have to give myself a pep talk before opening the doors to the masses.  This may surprise you, but in many ways I am a very private person (learned this at the knee of Momma).  The favorite two houses of my lifetime were the house I grew up in which was in the middle of 7 acres and set way back off the road with a grove of trees in the front and the house we raised our children in which I wrote about recently.  It was in the middle of 5 acres of forest and VERY private.  I loved them both--especially the privacy they afforded.  When you put your house on the market, and lookers do not always appreciate it, it can be heart wrenching.  After all these sales, I have developed a thick skin and come to realize we do not all like the same thing.  What is a palace to one can be cold and intimidating to another.  What might look like a cabin in the woods to one, might look like a haven of privacy to another.  You cannot take it personally.  I have to give this talk to myself almost every time someone looks at my house.  It is not unlike my dress---what I love to wear for its comfort, may well look like I walked out of the gym and forgot to change to my street clothes.  The question becomes---why do we care what the taste of others is?  Why does it bother us what others think?  Do we really want to fit in with the crowd? My Friends, in all sincerity and truthfulness, these kind of questions are so trivial and unworthy of our thoughts.  As I love to state---First World Problems.

HERE is the truth of the matter, this world is not our home.  In a recent discussion with a dear friend, we were talking over all my moves over the last decade plus.  We both agreed what I think I have been looking for will not be found this side of eternity.  The home I so desire, is waiting---down the road.  All of this is temporary--to be used for God's good purposes and to give me shelter, BUT this world is not our home.  Our true home is waiting for us---He is preparing our room---and it will be perfect.

"Yes, we are of good courage,
and we would rather be away from the body
at home with the Lord."
II Corinthians 5:8   


  1. In our Father's house, there are many rooms, and each one is designed especially for each of His beloved children. Everything that matters for eternity cannot be found in the way we dress or where we live. God's love grows when we share that miracle with others.
    Blessings, Lulu!
    Danny is home from his ablation yesterday, and we are both grateful beyond words. Thanks so much for your prayers!

    1. WONDERFUL NEWS & An Answer to Prayers!


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