My weird sense of me--just loves to throw out skeptical remarks.  In truth I tend to be  a skeptic of the highest order -not proud--wish I could go around always thinking the glass is half full--not half empty.  The combination of life experiences and a little side dose of low self esteem have made me look at the world through the lens of doubtful.  My glasses are not rose colored, but perhaps a filmy gray.  I call myself a realist, but truthfully I lean more toward pessimist.  A perky optimist can absolutely send me up the wall, if I am not careful to hide my skepticism.

SO, when someone comes along with a "too good to be true offer", I ALWAYS think this is too good to be true.  I have zero chance of ever winning any contest.  I am convinced I will not win, so why try?  If it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true- is my mantra.  It is set in stone that I will never win any of these contests we see promoted, because my hard core doubt prevents me from bothering to enter them.  NOW---AGAIN--I am not proud.  BUT, that is who I am.

Recently I heard an offer that caught my ear.  An all expense paid trip to a paradise beyond your wildest imagination.  No strings attached--the trip is 100% paid for--at absolutely NO cost to me.  And all I have to do is pledge my allegiance and loyalty to the payer.  Do I once again roll my eyes or do I at least investigate the possibility?  For the sake of my eternal soul---I took the offer and started the trip.  

When you hear the offer, I hope you too will take it for truth--not only is it low cost--it is no cost to you.  Jesus is waiting to issue you a ticket--all you have to do is believe.

"I give them eternal life,

and they will never perish,

and no one will snatch them out of my hand."

John 10:28


  1. Now, entering that contest is a win-win for all of us!
    Blessings, Lulu!


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