As I am certain all you sports fans are aware, we are in the midst of LOTS of baseball/softball games.  I see all your posts, I know your favorite teams, and I know how you love to win and hate the agony of defeat.  The truth is~ it is a game--and the world does not hinge upon it---and I guarantee their will be other games.

In these ball games, there is a little circle  between the dugout and the batter's plate.  The next batter steps into the circle to take a few practice swings while he waits for the current person in the batting order to finish their bat.  It is on the edge of the action--the place to prepare for getting into the game.  The batter stands there limbers us--and watches the action of the pitcher -the catcher-and the batter.  He is mentally preparing himself to enter the game.  It is a rite of ball season--to see the team member stride out to the "on deck" circle and prepare for their  turn.  This is their opportunity to prepare to hit, miss, pass, or duck---depending upon how the ball is thrown at them.  It is fascinating to watch this ritual of the game.  Most of our time is spent watching these three players--the pitcher, the catcher and the batter.  The point of the game is about to play out when they step up to the plate and declares their intentions with a tapping of the base with their bat.  Over and over--everyone takes their turn and the game is on.

This is such a wonderful analogy of the game of life.  So much depends upon our preparation as we stand in the on deck circle before entering the daily game.  Are we prepared--have we done the work to be ready for what we are about to face?  Is our mind in the right place---are we able to face the pitcher?  Think this over the next time you are watching your favorite ball game.  Have you prepared for the pitch-are you ready for your turn?  

"The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance"

Proverbs 21:5


  1. What a great question to ask ourselves, Lulu! Are we prepared to spread the Good News of Jesus to others, or have we not warmed up our spiritual muscles?

    1. I am a big believer in we have to be grounded to be an effective teller of the story.
      Blessings, Martha!


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