Those of you who know me well understand when I say I am fiercely independent.  I DO NOT like to ask for help and will go to great lengths to take care of any issue before me without asking for help.  Add to that my propensity to want to make a dollar squeak and my tight wad self always thinking I probably can do this and save that money, and you can have a recipe for disaster.  NOW factor in my age--I can still do MANY things--but I cannot do them as fast or as many at one time.   I am my own worst enemy at times.

This moving process, while going along smoothly, still has me falling into bed every night physically exhausted.  My day starts (after time with Him and writing this epistle) with working in the lawn of the new house before it gets too hot.  Thankfully it is a small yard, but it is suffering from years of neglect and is now an overgrown jungle.  In the hours I have spent so far, I have only made a dent in all that needs to be done. When the heat and humidity get to be too much--I head inside.  Currently I am lining selves and painting all the closets (I refuse to pay the professional painter for the closets---BUT I also want the closets clean and freshly painted).  Add to that meeting with the professionals for a few projects that need doing and my day is filled.  I AM OVERWHELMED!

I am stubborn to a fault, but also realized last night if I want to move in and have some sense of peace and calm I need to hire some help.  This requires humbling myself and admitting my limitations.  I may die before I can get all this done!  SO, I have taken a deep breath and called the cavalry to help me.  This requires getting over myself and moving forward.  Who really cares--but me--if I cannot personally get all this done?  It will be enough to keep it maintained once it is cleared the first time.  So I am  making good strides with the closet painting and the shelves are manageable doing a few every day, but the yard was the place to ask for help.   I have swallowed my pride and made the call.

How many times are we drowning in overload and refuse to ask for help?  I believe most of us have the attitude of I've got this God---I will let you help on the big ones.  I know you are busy--I can handle this.  I wonder if He is shaking His head at our stubborn pride?  Do we not realize God cares about our smallest detail?  I am convinced it was a God nudge that let me know I needed help.  HUMBLE YOURSELF is a recurrent theme in The Word.  Pride gets in the way.  Time to cast pride aside and stay humble in The Lord.  Amen?

"Humble yourself before the Lord,

and He will exalt you."

James 4:10


  1. I have had to admit on many occasions as I'm aging that there are things I simply cannot accomplish without outside help. We all could use a good helping of humble pie at times, can't we?
    Blessings, Lulu, and never be reluctant to ask for help. :)

    1. It is definitely a pride problem, Martha.

  2. You want to enjoy your new home so give yourself some slack. Don’t over do ask for help and don’t get down where you can’t

  3. My mantra was always if you want something done right, do it yourself. In my younger years, I could almost always do this but in my older years, I have realized I need help. Unfortunately, this carried over into my relationship with God until He showed me He knows so much better than me what is best for my life. I am learning to give my problems to Him and let Him guide me. It is so freeing.


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