I am still plowing through the Old Testament books as part of my Bible in a year plan.  At the moment I am in Kings and reading of the fascinating path of the lineage of David.  It is NOT always a pretty story.  It can absolutely show the best and the worst of mankind when you read of the wheelings and dealings of those seeking to sit upon the throne.  It also is a poignant reminder of God is on "On The Throne"--and even when we fight for our way tooth and nail--His way will prevail.  Those He intended sat upon the earthly throne to bring the story of Jesus to fruition.  It is fascinating to read the history of how it happened.

As I have interacted with various contractors working to get into my new home, I have been reminded and greatly encouraged by the generations after mine and their integrity and work ethic.  NOW, there are always bad apples in the world, BUT, by following the recommendations of others I trust, I am positive we will be better than okay in the future.  We are all so busy fussing and fighting over points of philosophy and theology that we do not recognize our core strengths.  EVERY person I have dealt with has been honest, patient, and fulfilled what they promised.  It bodes well for our world that there is a core good common to most men (NOT ALL).  We have leaders, movers and shakers, great brains, and a world filled with talent coming behind us.  

I believe we are in good hands---and God has a plan--His will will be done.  It is a great comfort to see those who are coming after my generation have stepped up and are working hard to make this a good world.  OH SURE--I do my fair share of lamenting the entitlement some feel---but if we carefully analyzed where we came from--I am fairly certain there have been those who believed they were entitled throughout history.  Why this very morning I read in Kings that Adonijah felt he should have sat on the throne of Israel instead of Solomon because he had the birthright of the eldest.  That was not God's plan.  Solomon--the wisest of them all- ended up on the throne and not his brother.  In his good hands---the purposes of God were completed.  

SO--God is still on the throne---and we are all still in His good hands and those He has ordained to follow our generation will also hold us in good hands.

"And they feared exceedingly,

and said to one another,

'Who can this be,

that even the wind and the sea obey Him!'

Beloved of God,

You are in good hands!

You are in God's hands."

Mark 4:41


  1. I do have hope for the generations to follow us for those same reasons, Lulu. The news focuses on those who do wrong, but real, everyday life shows us a different story. Case in point - we just had young HVAC technician out here to do the semi-annual check of our cooling system. He is with a company Danny has used for 30 years, and his demeanor and excellence in service are a reflection of what you and I would call "old school." More power to him!

  2. Well said, Loralu, you expressed my feelings exactly. God IS in charge and He always will work His purpose through his children!


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