Another Kindle Unlimited find---just like the bookstore-you will not like them all, but nothing ventured beyond the cost of the membership but if it is a winner -the enjoyment of a good book is gained.

You will find this HERE if you are not a member of Kindle Unlimited.  Since I am an Amazon Associate, if you follow the link I might be slightly compensated.  I suggest you borrow from the library or from Kindle Unlimited.  Nothing I like more than feeling  I am getting a good value.  How good was this book--I finished it while in the midst of packing to move in two weeks.  It is one of those books I ration myself a chapter or two at bedtime---wanting to make it last.

This is a good book---set in the years I grew up during---it deals with some of the social issues of the time.  We were not all nice people during those years---but I guess you might wonder if anything has really changed?  Are we more enlightened, more tolerant, more open minded?  Perhaps yes, but that is not always a good thing when our tolerance leads to the slippery slope of immorality.    It brought back memories of how things were.  Racial tension, the stigma of divorce, child abuse, and trying to survive in poverty are all addressed in the story of a boy helping a wolf -dog hybrid.  I will say no more and let you come up with your own opinion.  Hyde is a master story teller---some of her books I like more than others, but this is one of my favorites.


  1. Thanks for this book review, Lulu. Have a blessed weekend!

    1. Moving Weekend, Martha. High hopes of surviving at the moment!


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