Two of the recent books I read had a common thread--though one was an autobiography and the other fiction.  NOW--as I have said before---I take reoccurring themes or words as a sign they need to be pondered and sometimes blogged about.  Do you not think God can use ALL things to touch us?  I am a firm believer.

There is an old Kenny Rogers song that has this lyric -

"You got to know when to hold'em,

and when to fold'em."


Since the name of the song is "The Gambler", of course this is referring to a card game.  Now, I am not a gambler (I used to tell my gambling clients just write me a check--at least I am tax deductible), but there is an art to knowing when it is time to call it quits.  I have been there---and let me assure you giving it up--is not for the faint of heart.  It is a tough call and sometimes heart wrenching.  BUT there is a time when we need to walk away--put your hand down and walk away.  

Beth Moore's autobiography gives an excellent example of a time in life when after holding on by her fingertips, she finally decided it was time to leave.  When we are spending time fighting a losing battle--we are wasting valuable time.  She walked away--but then she spent time in what I call the wilderness.  I've been there--more than once.  A time when after much struggling to maintain--it became apparent--it was time to move on.

The book review for this Saturday addresses this also.  When some who have been notified they are nearing their life's end, they make a huge change in life seeking peace and happiness for what remains.  Some leave the country they live in and have called home and seek a better situation.  Two times in recent days that I have encountered this phenomenon of cutting your losses and walking away.

It is not easy to leave the familiar and sometimes those we deeply care for--but there is light at the end of the tunnel; you will find an oasis in the wilderness; and the sun will surely come up tomorrow.  Do not leave mad--just leave.

What does God think about us leaving when we have reached a dead end?  The Word addresses this more than once.  My favorite is this quote from Jesus,

"And whoever does not receive you

nor listen to your words,

as you leave that house or city,

shake the dust off your feet."

Matthew 10:14

So God approves--there are times we need to walk away and shake the dust off our feet.  The issue becomes--knowing when---when to fold'em.  My experience has been with seeking God's help--praying--it will become abundantly clear and He will bless and use your change.


  1. Yes, I will be humming that tune in my head today, as I'm sure other folks will be doing the same. We do need to be self-aware to the point when we know when to walk away from a bad situation, one that is robbing us of the joy God has intended all along. Many times, that is the catalyst for spiritual growth and maturity, even though it might feel painful and sad at the time.
    Blessings, Lulu!


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