The buyers of my home have sold their house---LOOKS LIKE IT'S REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN!  I've rented a duplex in a 1920's house right by TCU and close to downtown.  Only catch it is even smaller than my home- has 2 not 3 bedrooms and 1 not 2 baths---SO I am downsizing again.  WAIT---I seem to be moving backwards!

Let's see  I started out in a 2000 sq ft house--lived there about 11 years
Moved to 2900 sq ft--lived there 28 years
Moved here to 1850 sq ft--been here 1 1/2 years
NOW I am going to 1500 sq ft.

Perhaps this is what happens in life ---never really expected it--but prepared to embrace and enjoy it.

My apartment is upstairs---someone told me today I would get plenty of exercise--something tells me they are correct.  I will be close enough to a grocery and pharmacy to walk  3-4 blocks, restaurants 2 blocks---right in the big middle of it all.

I've never lived in a city---so I am excited and petrified at the same time!  Security has never been an issue in R---but I will have to think about that now.  It is going to be a huge change---and VERY SOON--working out the details of moving as I write!

Cowtown here I come!

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