The REALLY good looking radiologist called me today---the news is that I will be around a few more years--unless one of you run over me when I am out on the road!  I have to admit--I was concerned---if you have ever done the "Stress Points" the test that indicates your likely hood of having a major illness--you know my points are over the top with all the life changes I have had in the very recent past.  SO--there was every reason to think there was the possibility that I might ---WELL I DON'T!  

SO---I am in the "Moving Mode"!  Scheduling the time---with the mover-the realtor--the former tenant---ETC ETC.  PACKING AGAIN---Oh Fun!  The good news---I seriously culled everything 18 months ago when I moved out of my home of 28 years.  BUT I will have less space--less storage---you get the drift---SO I am looking again with a more critical eye!

Turning on and turning off utilities---looking for a cable service---SUDDEN LINK---S----!  SO looking forward to being in a city where there is competition and better prices and better service!  


After NOT moving but a handful of times in my life---I seem to be on a "Moving Roll"!  

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